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    AICPA Recommends Tax Reform Proposals to Three Senate Finance Committee Working Groups

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: April, 2015.  The recommendations include ideas for simplifying business income tax rules and retirement plan rules and for implementing permanent disaster assistance relief for individuals and business owners.
    Published on April 23, 2015

    Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit should be Simplified, AICPA Testifies

    Newsletter The AICPA testified at a Nov. 15, 2011 House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee hearing about the small business health insurance tax credit.
    Published on January 09, 2012

    AICPA Recommends Modifying Legislation to Consolidate Education Tax Credits

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: April, 2014.  Clarifications would further simplify and encourage the use of a new combined American Opportunity Tax Credit, which has been proposed by House Ways and Means Committee lawmakers, including Chairman Camp.
    Published on April 24, 2014

    Education Tax Incentives Are Too Complicated, AICPA Tells Congress

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: August, 2012. Consolidating credits and deductions, creating uniform definitions and coordinating phase-outs would help simplify the tax code, the AICPA said.
    Published on August 15, 2012

    House Financial Services Panel Looks at Dodd-Frank Whistleblowing Rules

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: May, 2011.  Deloitte Deputy CEO and Vice-Chairman Robert Kueppers testified at House hearing that accounting profession is cocnerned Dodd-Frank Act does not take into account SOX internal reporting requirements.
    Published on May 25, 2011

    AICPA Testified May 9, 2012 regarding Deduction and Capitalization of Tangible Property Expenditures

    Testimony AICPA testified before the IRS and Treasury at the May 9, 2012 public hearing on proposed and temporary regulations under IRC sections 162(a), 168, and 263(a) regarding the deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property, REG-168745-03 and TD 9564, and Revenue Procedures 2012-19 and 2012-20.
    Published on May 09, 2012

    Tangible Property Regulations are too Complex, AICPA Says at IRS Hearing

    Newsletter The CPA Advocate: June, 2012. The proposed and temporary tangible property regulations are so complex many taxpayers will not have the resources to comply with them, the AICPA said at an IRS hearing.
    Published on June 13, 2012

    Information on Lawsuits on Specific Tax Strategy Patents

    Overview This page contains information on lawsuits concerning the SOGRAT and Fort Properties Section 1031 likekind exchange deedshare patents, as well as other information on specific tax strategy patents.
    Published on September 19, 2014

    AICPA Urges Congress to Make S Corporation Reforms

    Comment Letter AICPA provides written testimony before Congress in support of the Subchapter S Modernization Act of 2003.
    Published on June 22, 2005

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