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    Overcoming Objections on Fees and Other Issues

    Tools Talking points to address prospective clients' questions about fees, return preparation procedures, IRS notices and other concerns
    Published on October 29, 2014

    Overcoming Objections on Fees and Other Issues

    Practice Aid Questions, answers and talking points to help you overcome concerns about hiring a CPA for tax preparation. Don't lose a viable prospect because you didn't have the correct answer to a concern. Put these responses into your own words and add to the list as your encounter new questions.
    Published on September 09, 2013

    Customer Service Tips - Practical Tips for Achieving Effective Client Communication

    Guide The CPA Marketing Tool Kit provides members with practical tips for achieving effective client communication.
    Published on September 19, 2006

    Sample Press Release - 2

    Sample Press Release The CPA Marketing Tool Kit provides members with a sample press release announcing a firm's new office location.
    Published on September 19, 2006

    Tax Practitioners Toolkit for Medium Firms

    Toolkit Resources to help you meet your clients’ changing needs, help them plan for the future and to inform clients, prospective clients and referral sources what you as a CPA can do for them and position your firm as the premier provider of tax services.
    Published on December 24, 2014

    Tax Practitioners Toolkit Communicate Your Value

    Toolkit These toolkits are designed to complement your efforts to communicate the value of your tax services and differentiate your qualifications as a CPA to current and prospective clients as well as staff.
    Published on December 24, 2014

    Diversity Survey

    Article The AICPA has partnered with several organizations and state societies to assess the working environments of accounting professionals. This effort will help the AICPA’s National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion more accurately focus on areas that need to be addressed within the profession.
    Published on December 19, 2013

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