Feed the Pig 

The CPA Profession: Improving the Financial Futures of 25-34 Year Olds 
Launched in 2006, the Feed the Pig campaign is committed to helping young adults, age 25-34 adopt positive saving habits for long-term financial stability.  During this time in their lives, they are making significant financial decisions – from starting a career to starting a family to buying a car and buying a home.  
In addition, many young adults have amassed high levels of debt that they struggle to pay off. Simultaneously, they need to be saving for their future. Yet 60% of those in the target audience have less than $10,000 saved for retirement. (2013 Retirement Confidence Survey fielded by EBRI and Mathew Greenwald & Associates)  

Developed after extensive and ongoing research to understand the financial concerns, behaviors and goals of the target audience, the new ads highlight the impact of both smart and poor financial behavior and deliver the key message: “When it comes to financial stability, don’t get left behind.”

The Feed the Pig campaign directs audiences to FeedthePig.org, which provides interactive tools and information to help this audience adopt positive saving habits. 

For more information, please contact Claudia Cieslak.

Please take advantage of the below resources to help spread the word and share this important savings message with your colleagues, clients, family and friends.


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