The Tax Adviser July 2014 

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    Real Estate Professionals: Avoiding the Passive Activity Loss Rules
    John H. Skarbnik

    Like-Kind Exchange Rules: Continued Evolution
    Edward J. Schnee


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    Consolidated Returns

    Unexpected Consequences of Changes in Entity Classifications

    Corporations & Shareholders

    Sec. 351 Control Requirement: Opportunities and Pitfalls

    Sec. 1059: Adjusting More Than Basis

    Employee Benefits & Pensions

    HSA Inflation Adjustments for 2015

    Tax Treatment of Distributions to Pay Accident or Health Insurance Premiums

    Estates, Trusts & Gifts

    Final Regs. on Trust Expenses and 2% Floor on Miscellaneous Item¬ized Deductions

    Exempt Organizations

    Charitable Diversions: Tax Implications and Tips for Addressing Them

    Expenses & Deductions

    Sec. 199 “Benefits and Burdens” Analysis: Key Guidance

    Foreign Income & Taxpayers

    Two-Year FATCA Enforcement Transition Period Introduced

    Country-by-Country Reporting: Challenges and Considerations

    Filing Protective Claims Following Redetermination of Foreign Tax Liability

    Sec. 956 and Subpart F Inclusions, Actual Distributions, and Previously Taxed Income

    Understanding Your Clients’ FBAR Filing Obligations and Getting Them in Compliance

    Gains & Losses

    Caution: Sec. 1234A May Apply to an Abandonment Loss

    Real Estate Professionals: Avoiding the Passive Activity Loss Rules

    Like-Kind Exchange Rules: Continued Evolution

    LLCs & LLPs

    IRS Guidance Shows Risks to Nonguarantor LLC Members

    Personal Financial Planning

    Planning With Home-Equity Loans and Mortgage Refinancing

    Practice & Procedures

    Tax Simplification: Key to Fighting Tax Return Identity Theft

    Help for Self-Employed Clients Who Owe Taxes They Cannot Pay

    9100 Relief: It May Not Be Too Late After All

    LLCs Waived Attorney-Client Privilege for Opinion Letters

    Procedure & Administration

    “Killer B” Anti-Abuse Rules to Be Introduced

    When Do Sec. 6402 Offsets Trigger the Refund Limitation Period?

    Notice CP 89: This Is Not a Bill

    IRS Cannot Enforce Summons

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