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    Journal of Accountancy

    Will Simpler Also Be Better?

    Will Simpler Also Be Better?

    A number of standard setters and regulators are making efforts to reduce complexity in accounting standards and simplify financial reporting. These changes may free up finance employees from some reporting duties and allow them to focus on responsibilities that add more value to their organizations.
    Beyond Spreadsheets

    Beyond Spreadsheets: Technology Round Table

    The fourth annual JofA accounting technology round table gathers three of the top tech gurus in accounting to address issues such as the future of the spreadsheet, whether Excel will still rule, and what devices CPAs should have in their computer bag.
    You Made Partner: Now What?

    You Made Partner: Now What?

    Becoming a partner requires a shift in mindset from employee to business owner. Young partners share what they’ve learned about being leaders, setting goals, developing others, and adjusting to new roles.

    The Tax Adviser 

    IRS Signals PPACA Compliance Issues

    What Taxpayers Need to Know to Comply With the Final Tangible Property Regulations

    This article provides an overview of the tangible property regulations, together with a discussion of the procedures for making the accounting method changes to comply with the regulations.

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    From the CPA Insider:

    4 career resolutions for 2015
    By Sandra Wiley
    Instead of focusing on what needs fixing, try to zero in on the positives. Also, set goals and make sure to write them down.  
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