PCAOB Standards and Related Rules 

    Published March 08, 2013

    PCAOB Standards and Related Rules   Don’t miss the January 2013 edition of the AICPA’s PCAOB Standards and Related Rules.

    It is a comprehensive source of PCAOB standards and related guidance, including the following:
    • PCAOB Auditing Standards
    • Interim Standards
    • PCAOB Staff Guidance
    • Select Rules of the Board
    • Select PCAOB Releases

    PCAOB Standards and Related Rules has been updated to include the following:
    • Auditing Standard No. 16, Communications with Audit Committees
    • PCAOB Staff Guidance section 400.08, Auditing Standard No. 8, Audit Risks in Certain Emerging Markets
    • PCAOB Staff Guidance section 400.09, Auditing Standard No. 9, Assessing and Responding to Risk in the Current Economic Environment
    • PCAOB Staff Guidance section 400.10, Auditing Standard No. 10, Maintaining and Applying Professional Skepticism in Audits
    • PCAOB Release No. 2012-004, Auditing Standard No. 16, Communications with Audit Committees; Related Amendments to PCAOB Standards; and Transitional Amendments to AU Sec. 380  

    PCAOB Standards and Related Rules has also been updated with conforming changes due to pronouncements and other activity.

    PCAOB Standards and Related Rules is available as a paperback (updated yearly) and with an online subscription (updated throughout the year whenever new material becomes available).

    Order your copy today.

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