It's time to think about your professional home. AICPA members work in all sectors of the business and financial services profession, including Public Accounting, Financial Planning, Tax, Business & Industry, Law, Consulting, Education and Government. Whatever your accounting focus is, the AICPA will be here for you. We offer resources, training, networking opportunities and guidance, as well as advocate on your behalf - everything you need to be successful. Join today and start enjoying your professional home.

Membership Categories Overview 

The AICPA offers different types of membership to meet your needs. Click each link to learn more:
  • Regular Member: Anyone who has passed the CPA Exam and is either a certified/licensed CPA, or was previously certified/licensed, or meets all the qualifications for certification.  
  • Associate Member: Anyone who has passed the CPA Exam but is not yet certified/licensed to practice.
  • CPA Exam Candidate Affiliate: College graduates who have not yet passed the CPA Exam.
  • International Associate: For individuals who hold non-U.S. accounting credential and full, regular membership with one of eleven accounting organizations approved by the AICPA Board of Directors.
  • Non-CPA Associate: For individuals who are not a CPA. 
  • Student Affiliate: College students who are considering the accounting profession.

Membership Sections

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Tax (TAX)
  • Personal Financial Planning (PFP)
  • Forensic and Valuation Services (FVS)

Specialty Credentials:

  • Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)
  • Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)
  • Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) 
  • Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)

Firm Memberships:

  • Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS)
  • Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC)
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC)
  • Center for Audit Quality (CAQ).


Anyone who has been an AICPA member within the past three years may reinstate membership to maintain tenure. Previous year's dues will be charged. For Regular Members, membership is complimentary after 40 consecutive years of dues have been paid and retirement age, as defined by the Social Security Administration, has been reached.

Steps to Join the AICPA Online 


Watch our video tutorials on how to register as a website user or join the AICPA.

Or follow these steps below.

If you are a registered AICPA website user:

  1. Sign In from the top right navigation
  2. Learn about the category of membership for which you would like to apply
  3. When you are ready to join, click the orange Join button
  4. Fill out your application.

If you are not a registered AICPA website user:

  1. Select Sign In from the top right navigation area
  2. Select register
  3. Create a new account
  4. Navigate back to this page
  5. Follow steps above for those with accounts.
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