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Info, tools and tips for the young, licensed or possibly restless.

So you’ve started down the path toward official CPA-dom. You’re knocking on the door as we speak. Or maybe you already breezed through the door and are looking for the next adventure. Whatever the case, nice going.

So, any questions?

Of course you have questions. Conveniently enough, we’ve got answers – lots of them. Want to know how to ace your next job interview? Trying to find a mentor who might be able to teach you a thing or two that you can really use? Wondering which specializations are most in demand? Ever thought about what it’d be like to lead a team of people twice your age (and with many times your level of experience)?

If you haven’t ever wondered any of those things, there are probably, oh, a few hundred other questions that will cross your mind as you start planning for your future – immediate as well as long-term. Check out the content areas on this page and start soaking up all of the helpful tips and practical information, from workplace and career issues to volunteer opportunities and the all-important topic of work/life balance.

And if you’ve got a particular question that’s still in search of an answer, speak up –send us a tweet, like our community, or tap out an old-fashioned email.

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Hear, Hear Listening Skills Are Crucial to Success

Article Being a good listener is a basic life skill, and a crucial one for career success. Good listeners are able to collect vital information, connect with the people around them, and understand assignments and expectations.
Published on April 21, 2016

Advancing the Professionthe AICPAs Proposal

Article This proposal better positions the relevancy of and opportunities available for young CPAs.
Published on April 21, 2016

Your LinkedIn profile misses you

Article Stacie Saunders, senior manager for social business and member engagement at the AICPA, provides 10 tips on what young CPAs need to know about LinkedIn.
Published on April 06, 2016

Want to Refer or Hire a Friend

Article Here are 5 tips to ensure you do the right thing.
Published on March 15, 2016

3 Books CPAs Should Read After Becoming a Partner

Article Experts recommend books that can help young CPAs become better managers, leaders, and owners.
Published on March 15, 2016

5 ways to get more followers on Twitter

Article Twitter can be great for your professional career and personal pursuits. Great tweets are simply not enough. You must consistently look for ways to get followers.
Published on February 28, 2016

Itching to quit

Article Here’s what to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to leave your job or stick it out.
Published on February 28, 2016

17-year-old becomes one of the worlds youngest CPAs

Article Through hard work and determination, Belicia Cespedes earned the credential before she was even eligible to vote.
Published on February 28, 2016

Leadership is a shared experience

Article Tommye E. Barie, CPA, chair of the AICPA board of directors, defines leadership as the ability to inspire motivation in others to move toward a desirable vision.
Published on February 28, 2016

Texas CPAs pathway leads to Maximo Mukelabai Award

Article Mark K. Rich is a seasoned young professional who has his eye on the future of the CPA profession.
Published on February 28, 2016

What to know before you become partner

Article If you’re on the path to partner, it’s important to know what to expect. Young CPAs who made partner or are on the ownership track offer the following advice on how to prepare.
Published on February 28, 2016

How to land the most coveted assignments

Article Landing plum assignments can sometimes be a challenge for a young CPA. Should you speak up or just hope the good work you perform gets you noticed? Here’s what other young CPAs recommend.
Published on February 28, 2016

How to impress your managing partner

Article For a young, ambitious CPA, managing up is just as important as doing what’s listed in the job description. That’s because impressing the managing partner can drastically improve your career development.
Published on February 28, 2016

Breaking borders The journey of Mohamad Al-kawafha

Article From the hot, dry summers of Jordan to the humidity of Louisiana and Texas, Mohamad Al-kawafha, CPA, CGMA, has experienced his fair share of culture and climate shock, fear of the unknown, and language barriers.
Published on February 28, 2016

Replace the career ladder with a career lattice

Article Building a career lattice is about finding new opportunities, broadening your skill set and making new contacts. Doing that eventually will help you take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
Published on February 28, 2016

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