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    Now is a great time to be a Tax Section member! The Tax Power Hour began as a free monthly presentation focused on improving practice efficiency. However, we are transforming it from a scheduled one-hour presentation into an exclusive bundle of resources designed to encourage our members to take action and work on their practice, not just in their practice.

    The new, expanded Tax Power Hour is all about you: the member! We provide the resources. You choose the hour that works best for you.

    Each month, we will post a mix of new, exclusive Tax Section-only resources on a designated topic, including articles, blogs, tools, and related products. The archive of the previous month’s Tax Practice Monthly webcast will be released along with a link to register for our new monthly Tax Power Chat.

    “It’s your power hour. You decide what time works best you, and we provide the tools to help you focus that time on making your practice better.” Jina Etienne, CPA, CGMA, Director - Taxation, AICPA

    Our goal is to inspire our members to take the next step after listening to others speak about practice management issues. We will do so by showing you examples of best practice tools and resources, challenging you to read additional materials on the topic, and offering you opportunities to practice before you act. And we believe this combination of efforts will provide you with the means to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and grow into really smart business owners!

    New Tax Power Hour Resources

    The new Tax Power Hour is more than a monthly presentation. We have added exclusive new Tax Section-member only companion resources as a follow-up to the Tax Practice Monthly webcast. Links to these resources will be posted at the beginning of each month.

    • The Tax Q&A Monthly is our new live Q&A follow-up to the Tax Practice Monthly webcast. It will be a virtual town hall style event, featuring webcast speakers, experienced practitioners and other experts, moderated by AICPA staff. Seats are limited and registration is only available for Tax Section members.
    • The webcast archive of the most recent Tax Practice Monthly will be released exclusively for Tax Section members to listen at their convenience. While the AICPA made an Institute-wide decision to eliminate the free/no CPE option for Section members to attend live Tax-Section sponsored CPE webcasts, members are still able to attend the live event and obtain CPE for a reduced price.
    • The Tax Power Chat is a new podcast series featuring webcast speakers, profession leaders, experienced practitioners and other experts.

    Working ON Your Practice; Not Just IN Your Practice

    How to Work ON Your Business--Not Just In It, by Tom Lowery, Nov. 2013
    Every business owner wants to expand their company. But one of the issues many face is an inability to move forward; they're too busy trying to control everything. That's fine at startup or even during the first years while establishing the business.

    But I've seen too many business owners who've been very successful getting past the first stage and into the second one, remain obsessed with keeping the status quo, either unable or unwilling to change the way they do things in order to grow or to keep up with unexpected growth spurts.

    These kinds of business owners aren't spending time working on their business--their working in it.

    Are you new to the firm and looking to learn more about the business? Are you a manager interesting in becoming a partner? Are you a solo practitioner struggling with balancing administrative vs. billable time? We suggest you designate one hour each month to developing yourself – as a tax practitioner, a business owner, a firm leader. Make the Tax Power Hour your own. New resources will be released each month focused on a specific topic related to tax practice operations and management – you just schedule the hour to delve into this month’s topic using the resources on this page as a kick-off point.

    Upcoming Events

    The Tax Practice Monthly webcast usually scheduled for the third Thursday of each month from 1-2 pm, ET. Tax Section members wishing to attend the live event for CPE, remember to login to your account during registration to receive your member discount.

    The Tax Q&A Monthly is a live town hall-style event for Tax Section members to ask follow-up questions and engage in an interactive discussion with speakers, experienced practitioners and other experts. Seats are limited. Advance registration is required. Registration links for these upcoming events will be provided soon, so check back often:

    • Releasing Tax Information to 3rd Parties, Nov. 2015
    • Tax Season – Are You Ready?, Dec. 2015

    Event Archives
    If you missed a presentation, don't worry. Links to archives and presentation handouts are available for the following webcasts:

    • July 2015: Billing Without Timesheets
    • June 2015: Best Practices for Managing Remote Employees in a Tax Practice
    • May 2015: Valuing Your Tax Practice
    • April 2015: Annual Tax Season Debrief
    • March 2015: How to Motivate Staff
    • February 2015: Tax Season Time Management Tips
    • January 2015: File Retention Best Practices
    • December 2014: Data Mining Your 1040 Database
    • November 2014: Gearing Up for Tax Season
    • October 2014: Paperless Office Systems and Styles: Finding What Works for You
    • September 2014: Quality Control for the Solo Practitioner
    Click here to view presentations or download handouts.

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