Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee 

    Committee Objectives & Responsibilities
    The Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee (TPRC) monitors and makes recommendations on internal and external rules regarding the tax profession and:

    • Maintain relations with the Director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, who has authority to discipline practitioners in their practice before the IRS
    • Monitor developments on issues related to internal (AICPA tax standards and interpretations) and external (Circular 230 and other statutory rules regarding preparer and practitioner penalties and sanctions) rules regulating the conduct of tax practice
    • Oversee responsibility for updating, revising, or proposing new or interpretations to existing Statements on Standards for Tax Services
    • Develop guidance, information, and resources for Tax Section members to assist in implementing AICPA recommended quality control procedures and maintain the highest ethical standards in their practice

    TPRC acts as subject matter expert on advocacy issues, in coordination with the IRS Advocacy and Policy Committee, on matters involving the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and preparer oversight and procedure issues involving the Return Preparer Office. They also assist the other committees, technical resource panels and task forces, as appropriate, on issues related to tax practice standards and ethics.

    2014-2015 Committee Roster

    Norma J. Schrock, Chair Ernst & Young LLP
    Thomas J. Purcell, III, Vice Chair Creighton University
    Mary L. Blatch Deloitte Tax LLP
    Lea M. Fletcher KPMG LLP
    John Gardner John Gardner, CPA
    Linda S. Harding CPAmerica International
    Robert A. Mathers Davis & Kuelthau Attorneys at Law
    Robert M. Moise WebsterRogers LLP
    Karen Nakamura PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
    Kristin L. Rempalski Crowe Horwath LLP
    Gerard H. Schreiber, Jr. Schreiber & Schreiber
    Joseph F. Scutellaro Cohn & Reznick
    James A. Smith Smith, Jackson, Boyer & Bovard, PLLC
    Peter S. Wilson, Jr. McGladrey LLP
    Kristine R. Wolbach McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, P.S.
    Cari Weston, Staff Liaison AICPA

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