Tax Legislation and Policy Committee 

    The TLPC guides and advises on the Tax Division’s interactions with government to maximize the Division’s effectiveness and insure that the Institute’s positions serve the public interest, as well as members’ interests, by:

    • Identifying current and emerging issues affecting members of the Tax Section and the entire profession; recommending strategic responses.
    • Advocating to Congress important, high priority AICPA tax positions and working to enact them.
    • Advising the TEC and the AICPA Congressional and Political Affairs team about tax legislative priorities and tax policy issues and recommending legislative strategies and the lobbying of positions to Congress.
    • Advising and serving as a resource for other Tax Division Committees and TRPs on tax legislative developments in their areas of responsibility through regular interaction, consultation, strategic planning, or legislative assistance.
    • Maintaining relationships with the Congressional tax-writing committees, the IRS and Treasury to assure that the AICPA’s views on proposed legislation and tax policy are known and properly considered.
    • Identifying significant tax policy issues for study, research and development, including studies and analyses of important and enduring tax policy subjects and insuring that current Institute statements and studies are up-to-date and relevant.
    • Coordinating Tax Division efforts on tax simplification; overseeing the submission of tax simplification recommendations to Congress and the IRS; and assisting the IRS and the Joint Committee on Taxation in tax complexity analyses.

    2013 - 2014 TRP Roster:
    Roby Sawyers, Chair  NC State University, Department of Accounting
    Keith Nickels  Ernst & Young LLP
    Clay Blue  Murphy Investment Group, Inc.
    Nancy A. Eliason  First Group America, Inc.
    Karl L. Fava  Business Financial Consultants, Inc.
    Jason B. Freeman  Meadows Collier Reed Cousins Crouch & Ungerman, LLP
    Linda S. Harding  CPAmerica International
    Jeff Kummer  Deloitte Tax LLP
    Andrew Prior  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 
    Jeff Slavet  Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP 
    Dustin Stamper   Grant Thornton LLP 
    Thomas A. Stout, Jr.  KPMG LLP
    Richard P. Weber  Michigan State University
    Eileen Sherr, Staff Liaison   AICPA 

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