Large Firms 

    PCPS understands that large firms are focused on identifying new opportunities that can come from the ever-changing business landscape.  According to the 2013 PCPS CPA Top issues survey, the top five issues for large firms include owner/partner accountability and unity, bringing in new clients, retaining qualified staff (at all levels), succession planning, finding qualified staff (at all levels). 

    Let PCPS help you sort through the complexities of the profession and support you on the issues that significantly impact your practice and your clients. With turn-key tools specifically organized by firm size, we are ready to help you. And feel free to contact us directly at or 1-800-CPA-FIRM with questions or comments.

    Highlighted Resources

    Strategy and Planning

    Strategic planning is the foundation for growth and sustainability.  Use these tools to complement your existing efforts in plotting your firm’s direction.

    For a full view of tools and resources, visit the Strategy & Planning page.

    Practice Growth & Client Services

    Supplement your existing marketing efforts and strategies with these resources.

    For a full view of tools and resources, visit the Practice Growth & Client Services page.

    Human Capital Center (HR Resources)

    These human resource customizable templates, staffing ideas and guidance will assist in your firm’s overall process of managing people.

    • Partner Accountability & Unity Guide/Tools - Integrate these insights and tools into your firm’s overall plan for enhancing partner performance and accountability
    • Firm Competency Model (Career Ladder) - Customize this career ladder template that defines the key roles of a firm, structured around five core competencies required in each role to advance thorough the career progression path
    • Human Capital Networking and Forum - HR professionals in the firm can attend monthly calls and a live event to gain insights on trends in the profession and solutions to tackling their toughest human resource issues
    • Become a Firm of the Future - CPA firms need to adapt to new and emerging developments and take steps to keep pace with rapid change. Explore recommendations on how to seize the opportunities available to firms who want to become a Firm of the Future

    For a full view of tools and resources, visit the Human Capital Center page.

    Technical: Quality & Services Delivery

    Integrate these tools into your firm materials for training staff and communicating to clients.
    • FRF for SMEs™ Toolkit for Large CPA Firms - Check out the new tools you can customize with your firm's logo and contact information as you explore this growth opportunity
    • Health Care Reform Toolkit - Use this toolkit to prepare your professional staff to communicate knowledge of the law, identify additional service opportunities and maintain status as your clients’ strategic partner
    • Mandatory Firm Rotation - Address potential questions using the talking points document as governmental agencies, non-profits and private company boards consider implementing MFR policies
    • Technical Issues Committee Advocacy and newsletter Alert - Monitor technical developments that could significantly affect private companies and your firm and follow TIC advocacy efforts 

    For a full view of tools and resources, visit the Technical: Quality & Services Delivery page.

    Financial and Administrative Services

    Benchmark your firm’s financial results and situation against other firms in your region and of similar size and decide if changes are needed in order to perform beyond the averages.
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