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    December 2012 In this issue…


    • Early Warning: Every year, some of the best conferences are held in the first couple of months – and thus are early to miss. One of the best is the [AICPA] Advanced Personal Financial Conference… which routinely features some of the best panel discussions on real-world topics.
    • Contract Planning: How to provide wide-ranging financial advice to any of 6,000 middle-income employees who ask for it.
    • Three Faces of Staff Management: Three interesting perspectives on how to manage your staff and leverage yourself.
    • Fixing Group-Think: How to rescue your investment committees from group-think and analysis paralysis.


    November 2012 In this issue…


    • Ensemble Consulting: The ensemble business model offers a variety of advantages: faster growth, optimal potential for client service, a better work environment for employees, distributed decision-making and succession planning options.
    • Measuring Our Differences: How to actually use those psychological profile instruments in your
    • practice--and understand why problems inevitably crop up among us
    • Fast-Tracking Wealth Management: What is Tim Kochis up to now? If he's successful, you'll see a blossoming wealth management culture in emerging Asia.
    • The Next 2008?: Are we moving toward another 2008? Or 1987? More importantly: are you prepared?


    October 2012 In this issue...


    • Mindshift In the Leadership Pipeline: Here's a supercharged version of the traditional organizational chart--plus how to reposition your role for a successful succession planning process.
    • The Process-Centric Office: How to create a process-centric office and push right through your next ceiling of complexity.
    • Valuing Value Investing: Three legendary fund managers let you look over their shoulders at the anomalies and inefficiencies in the investment markets.
    • Rethinking Testimonials: It's long past time for the SEC to rethink its restrictive testimonial rules for RIAs.


    September 2012 In this issue...


    • Feedback Loop: How do you create a culture of continuous improvement in your service model? Here's the formula created by one of the major custodians.
    • Integrated Compliance: Is it possible to transition your compliance work into a practice management asset?
    • The Outsource CIO: Should you consider bringing in an outside professional to help you create and manage client portfolios?
    • Holistic Monetizing: The next new service for advisors could be helping clients monetize their illiquid assets.


    August 2012 In this issue…


    • The Unwrapped Guarantee: Here’s a way to slap a lifetime withdrawal benefit guarantee on any part of a client’s portfolio—without a commission, without a VA, and without locking up your client’s money.
    • Exciting Adventures In Performance Reporting: A few new ideas in how to structure your quarterly performance reports – and also what to benchmark against.
    • Distracting or Relevant? You know whether clients can afford your services. Should that affect what you charge them?


    July 2012 In this issue…


    • Transition Life Planning: Tools to help clients with stressful changes in their money situations - and their lives.
    • A Trillion Here, A Trillion There: Eight major economic themes each could potentially add $1 trillion to global GDP by 2020.
    • One-Page Career: How to supercharge your professional evolution--and do the same for your clients.
    • The Optimized Retirement: Giving sophisticated advice on Social Security could significantly boost client retirement income.
    • Where’s the Problem? Do we really need the SEC to conduct on-site RIA inspections?

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    June 2012 In this issue...


    • Harnessing the Power of Trust: Here are some of the best insights you're likely to find anywhere in the most important, least-visible component of your advisory business.
    • Recapitalization, Recovery and Owl Economics: The economic morass in Europe may be deeper than we think. Also: is there a better way to approach our government debt issues?
    • Decumulation Demystified: New insights into decumulation and how to build retirement-oriented portfolios
    • Filling In the Blanks: A fast, inexpensive way to find the cost basis of a current holding
    • Parting Thoughts -The Wrong Side of History: Why is the Financial Services Institute fighting the fiduciary concept and embracing FINRA?


    May 2012 In this issue...


    • Long Term Care: Once again, you're hearing about a lot of turmoil in the long-term care marketplace. Here's some analysis you probably haven't seen before.
    • Portfolio Management: Hedge fund replication is an interesting diversifying tool for client portfolios. But how do you measure the benefits?
    • The Profession: If you could start your practice all over from scratch, would it start to resemble this one?
    • Parting Thoughts: If we really want to protect consumers, why not look at a much broader spectrum of bad advice providers?


    April 2012 In this issue….


    • Practice Management: To maximize referrals, select a target market and define it in terms of the outcomes they want you to bring to them. Then creatively rehearse with clients your niche and value proposition.
    • Practice Management: An entirely new way to structure your succession plan--if you're willing to look beyond the simple transfer of stock.
    • The Profession: Three great breakouts from the SSG Conference in San Diego.
    • Parting Thoughts: The fiduciary model is on the right side of history, and brokers are starting to realize it.


    March 2012 In this issue….


    • Practice Marketing: Demystifying the Social Media phenomenon for advisors.
    • The Profession: A chart shows the growth rates of various professional organizations and service providers.
    • Client Services: Your guide to planning for special-needs families.
    • Practice Management: What we learned at the T3 Conference in Dallas.
    • Parting Thoughts: Why it makes sense to explore more sophisticated investment strategies- -and why it doesn't.


    February 2012 This issue includes in-depth write-ups of some of the best sessions from last month’s AICPA PFP Conference, including...


    • Client Services: A rich smorgasbord of estate planning strategies
    • Client Services:  Hidden risks in your clients’ retirement projections
    • Client Services: How to review your clients’ life insurance policies
    • The Profession:  Surveying your political and economic landscape
    • Portfolio Management:  Is MPT still valid?
    • Client Services:  The origins of happiness


    January 2012 In this issue...


    • Regulatory Landscape: It's time to consider an alternative SRO in case Congress grants FINRA's regulatory desires. As it happens, we already have something to work with.
    • Practice Management: What will be your next major decision about your career and your practice?
    • Practice Management: Advisors who have been dually-registered might recognize the value proposition and culture of TradePMR.
    • Parting Thoughts: An apology to our readers. Also: A call for at least a SEMBLANCE of fairness in our regulatory oversight and enforcement.

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