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April 2017 In this issue...
  • The Millennial Model: Here are two advisors who are figuring out how to provide financial planning services—profitably—to clients that other firms are turning away.
  • Client Services: The case for HELOCs.
  • Practice Management: A very expensive lesson.
  • Estate Planning: Beware VAs in IRAs.
  • Practice Management: A new cybersecurity tool.
  • Client Services: The charitable inheritance.
  • Parting Thoughts: Fiduciary for CFPs?

March 2017 In this issue...
  • A quick review of the tech world on display at the T3 Advisor Conference.
  • Conferences: Practice conscious simplicity, and prepare yourself for exponential growth and a lot of disruption in the American economy. 
  • Portfolio Management: First Ascent Asset Management is doing something truly revolutionary: following a new trend in the advisor space.
  • Parting Thoughts: The debate over "fake" vs. "real" news is playing with fire in our society--not to mention denigrating my profession.

February 2017 In this issue...
  • The Great Stall (and Our Invisible Obstacles): What has caused the profession’s growth to suddenly slow down? Stephanie Bogan and an all-star cast of consultants offer their analysis.
  • Practice Management: Prominent consultants offer their prescriptions for The Great Stall
  • Conferences: Highlights of the AICPA Personal Financial Planning Summit.
  • Parting Thoughts: SIFMA and other sales organizations confirm that they're in the sales business, on the record.

January 2017  In this issue...
  • Inefficient Market Theory: active fund manager are quietly talking about the best investing environment of their careers.  Credit the fund flows into ETFs and passive investments.
  • Practice Management: How to use engagement standards with clients, your business and practically anything else.
  • Client Services: A truly holistic financial planning service includes coaching and career asset management.
  • Parting Thoughts: How we're winning the big war behind all the battles that our profession has been losing.

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