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    February 2016  In this issue...
    • Investing: Max My Interest and Performance Trust have introduced new versions of their services for the RIA/planning community
    • Client Services: An inexpensive way to delegate complex Social Security planning--and the actual paperwork
    • Practice Management: How hard is it to convert years of client performance data?
    • Parting Thoughts: The next few years could represent the growth opportunity of a lifetime for your firm.

    January 2016  In this issue...
    • The New Hub of Planning Academia: The CFP Board’s new Center for Financial Planning has been touted as a diversity initiative.  Here’s what’s really going on.
    • Cleaning Your Tank: How do you create a healthy, productive work environment?  Hint: It’s not all about the compensation.
    • Parting Thoughts: The best financial planning-related books of the year

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