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In order to provide a sample of the extensive resources available to PFP/PFS members, the AICPA PFP Division has unlocked a small segment of our member benefits. Access these free resources below!
  • About the PFP Section
The Personal Financial Planning Section is the premier provider of information, tools, advocacy and guidance for CPAs who specialize in providing estate, tax, retirement, risk management and investment planning advice. Join the PFP Section. Note that new PFP Section members receive 4 complimentary CPE credits to use with any PFP Section sponsored webcasts.

  • About the PFS Credential
The Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) program allows CPAs to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in personal financial planning. Apply for the PFS Credential.

The CPA’s Guide to Financial & Estate Planning

The CPA’s Guide to Social Security Planning

The CPA’s Guide to Financing Retirement Healthcare

(Free Excerpts, full version available to PFP Section members, inclusive of PFS credential holders)

(Free Excerpt, full version available to PFP Section members, inclusive of PFS credential holders) .

(Free Excerpt, full version available to PFP Section members, inclusive of PFS credential holders) 
 The CPA's Guide to Investment Advisory Business Models Guide to Financial Decisions: Implementing an End-of-Life Plan Checklist: Analysis of a Tax Return for Personal Financial Planning
More Free Resources

Planning After ATRA and The Net Investment Income Tax Toolkit


PFP webcasts are hosted by industry experts and are offered free to PFP/PFS members without CPE (CPE is available for a discounted fee). Non-members can attend for a fee. In addition, recordings and presentation materials are archived for future member access. Select archived webcasts are available free to all:

From Tax Preparer to Financial Planner

Recordings for a selection of web series are available free.

Roth Conversion Resources

Most of this content is locked to PFP members, but select resources are free and available to all, including:




Fox Financial Planning Network for CPAs (free to all AICPA members)

The AICPA PFP Division collaborated with Fox Financial Planning Network to offer a program to help CPA practitioners systematize and organize the planning process, administration and delivery of financial planning or wealth management services. This program is available only to AICPA PFP Section members and offers deeply discounted pricing that is not available to the public. The following information is available to provide a sense of the value of this offering.


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