Getting Started on the PFS Credential 

      Getting started     




To help you get started on the PFS credential, we have put together a series of pages to walk you thru the requirements.  

We start with the examination qualifications.  Often as you prepare for the examination, you will meet the education needs.  After looking at the education requirements, we'll walk you through the experience qualifications.

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   You will have access to resources that will:  

  • Provide education on current issues
  • Help you make decisions about your practice
  • Improve your communications with your members
  • Provide discounts for the exam and exam preparation material (in addition to CPE and conference discounts)

   When you do apply for the credential, you will 
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   As a section member, when you apply for the
   credential, the unused portion of your section dues
   are applied against your credential fee.
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