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    July 2015 "Top Tips" Video Series
    • Creating Tax Alpha
    • Protecting Client Assets
    • Effective Trust Income Tax Planning
    • Helping Clients Choose Appropriate IRA and Plan Beneficiaries
    • Tax Efficient “Pre” and Post Retirement Strategies
    7/20/15  Webcast: The CPA Financial Planning Firm of the Future 
    7/14/15  Podcast: Required Minimum Distribution Regulations
    7/8/15  Asset Protection Strategies: Charging Order Protected Entities, Dynasty Trusts, DAPTs, Hybrid DAPTs and More 
    7/7/15  Podcast: Advanced Strategies for Generation Skipping Transfer Tax Planning 
    7/7/15     Podcast: Webber v. Commissioner – Investor Control in Private Placement Life Insurance
    7/7/15  Podcast: Summa Holdings v. Commissioner – Payments to a DISC Deemed Dividends 
    6/30/15  Podcast: Impact of Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Decision
    6/29/15 Podcast: Impact of Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision 
    6/26/15  Podcast: 2015 Q2 Update on New Tax Laws, Private Letter Rulings, and Court Cases 
    6/23/15 Podcast: Advising Clients on When and How to Update Estate Planning Documents
    6/23/15 Podcast: IRAs and Prohibited Transactions 
    6/16/15  Podcast: IRS Issues Final Portability Regulations
    6/15/15 Podcast: Court Case Impact on Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Planning  
    6/10/15  Webcast: Asset Allocation Glidepaths in Retirement
    6/5/15  Podcast: Balancing Retirement and Education Savings 
    6/3/15 Webcast: Practical Planning for Aging & Elder Issues 
    5/27/15 Podcast: Clients & Their Cognitive Decline 

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