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Qualifications and Training Requirements for Peer Reviewers

The Peer Review Board approved changes to reviewer qualifications for reviews that commence on or after December 31, 2015 and approved changes to reviewer training requirements for reviews that commence on or after May 1, 2016.

For more details on the new reviewer qualifications, see the
November 2015 Reviewer Alert.  Current reviewer qualifications are described on the  How To Become a Peer Reviewer page.

For details on the new training requirements, see the Peer Review Training section below.

 Peer Review Training
The peer review training requirements and the criteria for demonstrating proficiency in the standards, interpretations, and guidance of the program is established from time to time by the AICPA Peer Review Board (Board). Follow the links below to view those criteria and training courses which have been approved by the Board.

PLEASE NOTE: The live seminar training offered by state CPA societies will not be posted until after April 1, in any given year.  In the meantime, please check with your state CPA society to determine when they plan to offer any of the peer review courses. 

In order to meet the requirement to possess current knowledge of professional standards applicable to the kind of practice to be reviewed, including quality control and peer review standards, all peer reviewers should:

  • Obtain at least 40% of the AICPA required CPE in subjects relating to accounting, auditing, and quality control. Peer reviewers should obtain at least 8 hours in any 1 year and 48 hours every 3 years.

the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the new Education Framework for Peer Reviewers

Training for Initial Qualification

Training for Ongoing Qualification

Training for Reviews of Certain Must-Select Engagements
Annual Peer Review Conference


  • Download materials from the 2015 Peer Review Conference Materials

  • Download materials from the 2014 Peer Review Conference Materials

  • Download materials from the 2013 Peer Review Conference Materials
 Peer Review Webcasts
Are You Interested in Becoming a Peer Review Mentor?
Are You Interested in Becoming A Peer Review Mentor for a Potential Team Captain?

Individuals who desire to initially qualify as a team captain on a System Review have the option to demonstrate proficiency in the standards, interpretations, and guidance of the program by using practical peer review experience. Those who choose this option must complete a "theory" option as described on the "Training for Initial Qualification" page and submit evidence of significant participation as a team member on a System Review. This significant participation must be under the guidance of a qualified and approved existing team captain (mentor). If you want to be a peer review mentor, please see the detailed qualifications on the AICPA Peer Review Mentoring Program page for further information.

This option will no longer be eligible after May 1, 2016.


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