Overview of the CITP Credential 

The Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) is a specialty designation that identifies CPAs with the unique ability to bridge between business and technology while meeting the strict requirements for a CPA license as well as additional training and experience in Emerging Trends, IT Assurance and Risk, Business Solutions, Data Analytics and Security and Privacy.

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CITP Body Knowledge
Books representing CITP Body of Knowledge

The CITP Body of Knowledge represents the fundamental concepts of information management and technology assurance.  The qualifying areas of knowledge for CITP credential holders consist of:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Considerations
  • Internal Control and IT General Controls
  • Evaluate, Test and Report
  • Information Management and Business Intelligence

This visual depiction illustrates the inter-connectivity and continuous process flow of the areas that comprise the CITP Body of Knowledge.

Program Objectives
 The compass points out objectives of the CITP credential

The CITP credential program is designed to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Increase exposure for CPAs who have obtained the CITP credential
  • Enhance the quality of information management and technology assurance services that CITPs provide
  • Ensure the continued competitiveness of CPAs versus other technology services providers through continuous access to a comprehensive community of resources and support
  • Increase practice development and career opportunities for CITPs
  • Promote members' services through Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) website of the CITP
  • Increase public awareness of the CITP as the preferred information assurance professional
Benefits of Becoming a CITP
A group talking of the CITP credential benefits

CPAs who provide information assurance services should consider obtaining the CITP Credential because it:     

  • Positions the credential holder as a premier information assurance services provider
  • Affirms value to employers and clients, inspiring a greater level of confidence in the practitioner’s expertise
  • Illustrates proficiency in assessing technology risk and information management, supporting system implementations, and evaluating security and privacy programs
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuously improving IT skills and expertise, resulting in increased professional competency
  • Confirms value in the credential holder’s ability to perform Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports and related information assurance engagements
  • Displays an ability to develop and maintain information governance, perform data analytics, provide insight for business decisions, and support financial reporting system implementations
  • Increases opportunities for referrals from other practitioners, strategic partners, employers, consumers, and clients
  • Includes you in a CPA community of information assurance professionals with similar interests and practices

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Note: CITP Credential holders have access to all of the benefits of IMTA Section membership.

CITP Credential Qualification Requirements
A pen signing form detailing qualifications of becoming a CITP

The CITP Credential is exclusively granted by the AICPA to qualified CPAs. To qualify, new CITP applicants must:      

  • Be a member of the AICPA in good standing
  • Hold a valid and unrevoked CPA license or certificate issued by a legally constituted state authority  
  • Pass the CITP examination. The CITP Exam Content Specification Outline (CSO) includes details of subject areas covered on the exam.
  • Upon successfully passing the CITP Examination, complete the CITP Credential Application. Applicants must attest to meeting the minimum Business Experience and Education requirements and pay the appropriate credential fee. See CITP Credential Pricing for an overview of credential fees.  
  • Business Experience Requirement
    • A CITP candidate must have a minimum of 1,000 hours of business experience in information management and technology assurance within the 5-year period preceding the date of the CITP application. Refer to the CITP Application Kit for examples of business experience.
  • Education Requirement
    • A CITP candidate must have 75 hours of information management and technology assurance continuing professional education (CPE). All hours must have been obtained within the 5-year period preceding the date of the CITP application. Refer to the CITP Application Kit for further details. Visit the AICPA's CPE page to become familiar with the CPE Standards issued by AICPA and NASBA, learn the CPE requirements for AICPA members, and find out the specific CPE requirements for each state board and society.

Sign a Declaration of Intent to comply with the requirements of CITP Recertification.

CITP Credential Recertification Requirements
Person with pen waiting to be recertified a CITP

Recertification Requirements:

To maintain the credential, CITP credential holders must continue to pay an annual credential fee and meet the following
recertification requirements every three years:

  • Maintain an AICPA membership in good standing.
  • Hold a valid and unrevoked CPA certificate or license issued by a legally constituted state authority.
  • Provide verification of obtaining at least 60 hours of information management and technology assurance related CPE over the preceding three years. (Note: Authoring or publishing articles is limited to 24 hours. Classes taught or lectures given are limited to 36 hours). Refer to the CITP Body of Knowledge for additional information.
  • Submit electronic intent to continue to comply with all recertification requirements. Attestations are requested in late April following the end of the credential holder's recertification period

Failure to recertify results in the loss of the CITP Credential.

The AICPA reserves the right to audit recertification attestations. If selected, the CITP Credential holder will be contacted to provide further substantiation.

CITP Credential Reinstatement Requirements
Shaking hands after being reinstated Reinstatement Requirements:

If your CITP credential has lapsed, a CITP reinstatement candidate must:

  • Email us once your AICPA Membership is in good standing and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Pay a reinstatement fee of $100 in addition to the credential application fee. Application fees are outlined above in the application process section.

You must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a valid and unrevoked CPA certificate or license issued by a legally constituted state authority.
  • Have at least 60 hours of CPE related to the CITP Body of Knowledge in the last three years. Refer to the CITP Content Specification Outline (CSO) for topics in the CITP Body of Knowledge.


  • A member can reinstate within 120 days after the credential status has expired. After 120 days the member must submit a new CITP Application form.
  • If you have held the CITP credential in the past, you do not need to re-qualify for the examination or experience requirements of the credential.
Additional Information

Please note: A percentage of CITP applications will be randomly selected for further review each year, and if selected, the applicant should provide detailed documentation (including specifics of business experience and education) to support the assertions of the application.  

If you’d like to contact the AICPA directly, please email us or call 866.835.2938. You can contact the AICPA Information Management and Technology Assurance (IMTA) Division directly by visiting our ITMA page.


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