CITP Qualifications FAQ 

 Frequently Asked Questions about CITP Qualifications
Tools necessary to becoming a CITP Q. Do I need an active license to practice public accounting to become a CITP?

No. To qualify for the CITP credential, you must hold a valid and unrevoked CPA permit, license or certificate (whether active or inactive) issued by a state authority and be an active member of the AICPA.

Q. Is there a way I can quickly assess whether I qualify for the Certified Information Management and Technology Assurance credential?

If you answer yes to the following four questions, then you’re well on your way…..

  • Are you a member in good standing at the AICPA?
  • Do you hold an unrevoked CPA certificate issued by a state authority?
  • Have at least 1,000 business experience hours (associated with the body of knowledge)?
  • Have at least 75 hours in continuing education hours (associated with the body of knowledge)?

Q. If I don't meet the requirements to become a CITP credential holder, is there another way to get into the Information Management and Technology Assurance Division?

Yes. You may
join the Information Management and Technology Assurance Section - the only requirement is AICPA membership in good standing. Non-CPAs working in Public Accounting, Business & Industry or Consulting may join the section as a Non-CPA Associate Member and be sponsored by a current regular member (voting) of the AICPA.

Q. Do I need to be a member of the Information Management and Technology Assurance Section in order to apply to become a CITP credential holder?

No. You need to be an AICPA member in good standing and meet the unrevoked CPA certificate requirement. CITP credential holders receive complimentary Information Management and Technology Assurance Section membership.

Q. Does the AICPA audit CITP applications?

Yes. A percentage of approved applications are selected for random audit. Any misrepresentations or incorrect information may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation of CITP eligibility and/or credential.

Q. Do I have to take an examination to qualify for the CITP credential?

Yes. To earn the CITP credential, a candidate must pass the CITP Examination. More information about the exam can be found on the CITP Exam page.

Q. I am a member in industry, does my experience in industry count towards the business experience requirement?

Yes. The CITP is a broad-based credential available to CPAs with a wide range of Information Management skills and experience. It is open to all members in public practice, consulting, industry, government and education. Members may earn points for business experience in a variety of ways – by performing technology or technology-enabled services for clients or within their own firms or organizations, or by teaching technology-related courses at accredited universities.







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