CITP Champion Program 

    The AICPA CITP Champion program offers specialized CPAs the support, structure, and resources to collaborate with state societies to inform CPAs about the specialization.  There are a number of CITPs currently participating in this program, which was kicked off in 2010. 

    The purpose of the program is to inform the professional accounting community about (1) the vital role of technology in the information management process and (2) raise awareness of appropriate fundamental skill-set and/or certifications required, such as a CITP credential holder.

    Why Should You Consider Being a CITP Champion?
    Group of people learning about the CITP credential 
    • Professional recognition as a leader in the convergence of finance and technology
    • Recognition from the AICPA, state society, local newspapers, etc. for being selected as “The” CITP Champion for your state
    • Opportunity to develop strong relationships with the officers and staff of your state society
    • Broaden your professional network through public speaking or publishing opportunities
    • Enriching the professional standing of CITP members and the value of the CITP credential
    Benefits of a Champion
    • Opportunity to contribute to the Accounting Profession
    • Opportunity to collaborate with dedicated peers to make a difference in the IMTA Community
    • Network with other local CPAs or other participating CITP Champion professionals
    • Profile by the AICPA on our IMTA Center website and other Communication Channels as the official champion for your state
    • All liaisons will be profiled for the full fiscal year
    • Possibility of being profiled by the state society
    Qualifications of a Champion
    • An active state society member or contributor
    • Interest in volunteering for any state society
    • Commitment to contribute at least three engagements at any state society per year (Note: current AICPA committee members are required to contribute to 1 engagement at any state society
      • Author two to four articles for publication
      • Speak or identify a speaker for one local or State Society event etc.
      • Display materials at a minimum of two State Society of local events
      • Include discussion about the credential and Section Membership
    • Be in communication with AICPA staff and task force leaders
    • Register with online workspace and actively participate in discussions
    • Participate in a minimum of two quarterly calls – discuss lessons learned or receive updates
    • Seek out and mentor newer CITP and Champions






    Tommie Singleton

    New Jersey

    Larry Boyd
    Chris Reimel


    Peyton Burch

     New York

    Charles Bogguess
    Khalid Wasti


    Jim Gilbert

    North Carolina

    Robert Rowan


    Chris Fraser
    David Jones


    Kevin Martin
    Thomas Fantin 


    Chris Etterlee
    Scott Levine


    Gary Crouch


    Jessica Richter


    Thomas Achor 


    Dana Greene
    James Burns


    Troy Fine
    Torpey White


    Dallon Christensen
    Jeffrey Cooke
    Byron Patrick
    Morris Saks

    South Carolina

    Don West


    Robert Fisher


    Adam Chaikin
    Mark Plostock


    Christine Anderson
    Jeff Lemmermann




    Note: If you are interested in becoming a Champion, please contact Paul Warrick at

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