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Highlighted Publications

2015 Valuation Handbook Industry Cost of Capital
This book provides the type of rigorous, industry-level analysis previously published in the green-cover Morningstar/Ibbotson Cost of Capital Yearbook. New and noteworthy updates for this edition include additional methods to calculate industry-level cost of equity capital and other statistics and a new analysis of the impact of "off-balance sheet" debt on capital structure.

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2015 International Valuation Handbook: A Guide to Cost of Capital
This is an annual yearbook that provides business valuation professionals with the data that they need to determine company risk and cost of capital models that adjust for specific country or region risks. It will provide country-level cost of equity capital estimates for more than 150 countries, from the perspective of investors based in one or more than 30 countries. It is intended to replace the Morningstar international reports (discontinued).

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   Essentials of Forensic Accounting
The Essentials of Forensic Accounting is an indispensable resource which defines and explains the disciplined approaches to forensic accounting that lead to a thorough knowledge of the varied specialties within forensic accounting. It is designed to help practitioners, financial managers and students, understand the complex elements and factors that impact the forensic accounting practice areas. This vital reference resource focuses the elements that must come together to effectively diminish the incidence and impact of fraudulent activities.

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Forensic and Valuation Services Training and Development

AICPA Expert Witness Skills Workshop
Oct. 1-3, 2015
Chicago, IL
Do you have the confidence and communications skills necessary to serve as an effective expert witness under pressure? Are you often chosen to serve as an expert witness by outside clients? How do you communicate to jurors today that are more technical and have different expectations of testimony and witnesses? Limited to just 36 participants, the AICPA Expert Witness Skills Workshop answers all of these questions and covers the expert witness process from qualifications to depositions to mock trial.

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AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference
Nov. 8-10
Las Vegas, NV

The AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference gives forensic and valuation practitioners the opportunity to attend sessions from either inter-related area. Experts lead sessions on how to apply complex analytical techniques, scrutinize online consumer transactions, explore public databases, conduct advanced interviews, face video depositions, and analyze written statements. Attendees also receive updates on fair value, cost of capital, goodwill, and size premium.

FVS Section Members/ABV/CFF Credential Holders save an additional $100 on new registrations.
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