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    Fair Value for Financial Reporting 

    The resources below provide information related to Fair Value for Financial Reporting and Intangible Assets.

    Training and Development
    Fair value and financial reporting guidance

    AICPA Fair Value Measurements Workshop
    Over the course of two intensive days, you will receive an authoritative framework for applying fair value accounting rules, evaluate the fair value of individual assets as prepared by an outside valuation specialist, compare and contrast fair value in IFRS and U.S. GAAP, and exchange ideas with colleagues to stay ahead of the curve on fair value measurement.
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    Self Study CPE

    AICPA Accounting and Valuation Guides
    Cheap Stock Accounting and Valuation Guide
    Valuation of Privately-Held-Company Equity Securities Issued as Compensation 
    This accounting and valuation guide presents practical guidance and illustrations related to accounting, disclosures and valuation of privately held company equity securities issued as compensation. The objective of this guide is to describe best practices for estimating the fair value of a minority interest in an enterprise's privately issued securities.  

    Testing Goodwill for Impairment
    This accounting and valuation guide provides guidance for impairment testing of goodwill. Specifically, it focuses on practice issues related to the qualitative assessment and the first step of the two-step test. It is also a vital resource for preparers of financial statements of public and private companies that follow FASB guidance on goodwill. 

    Assets Acquired to Be Used in Research and Development Activities
    This accounting and valuation guide provides step-by-step guidance on how to measure the fair value of IPR&D assets acquired in a business combination, asset acquisition, or for impairment testing and measurement purposes, including detailed discussions and examples of how to apply multi-period excess earnings method, relief from royalty method and decision tree analysis.
    Spotlight on Fair Value
    Fair value and financial reporting guidance

    TIS Section 6910.34, "Application of the Notion of Value Maximization for Measuring Fair Value of Debt and Controlling Equity Positions" (Issue Date: February 2013)

    TIS Section 6910.35, "Assessing Control When Measuring Fair Value" (Issue Date: February 2013)

    Quick Reference Guide to Valuing Assets in Business Combinations


    Fair Value for Financial Reporting Toolkit
    Appraisal Foundation Best Practices Toolkit 

    The Appraisal Foundation's Task Force on Valuations in Financial Reporting established two “best practices” documents for Valuations in Financial Reporting (VFR). The current topics this Task Force and its underlying work groups are addressing include: Contributory Asset Charges; Valuation of Customer-Related Assets and Control Premiums. To learn more, visit The Appraisal Foundation's website.

    Two of the publications that are currently offered for free to the public are as follows:
    • Identification of Contributory Assets and Calculation of Economic Rents: Toolkit
    • Best Practices for Valuations in Financial Reporting: Intangible Asset Working Group - Contributory Assets
    Both publications can be downloaded by clicking here.
    Other Resources
    Fair value and financial reporting products



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