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FVS Members Have Unlimited Access to Daubert Tracker

FVS Section members (inclusive of CFF and ABV credential holders) receive unlimited access to Daubert Tracker as part of their membership! Click on the link below to subscribe to Daubert Tracker. You will be asked to register with Daubert Tracker and set up a user name and password.   

Access Daubert Trackers for FVS Section Members

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What is Daubert Tracker?

A woman catches up on Daubert Tracker newsDauber Tracker is rated by the National Law Journal and Law Technology News as one of the best legal sites on the Internet, and its data is also licensed on Lexis-Nexis.

The critically acclaimed Daubert Tracker provides expert witnesses, judges and legal researchers with fingertip access to information associated with reported and unreported “evidentiary gatekeeping” cases. The product tracks cases from both federal and state jurisdictions going back to 1993 and is updated daily.

Daubert Tracker Delivers Value to CPAs Practicing in the FVS Area

Many CPAs who practice in the FVS discipline serve as expert witnesses or litigation consultants at the state or federal level. Daubert Tracker is an important tool because it:

  • Helps you understand how individual courts and judges regard financial testimony
  • Prepares you for rebuttal testimony and sharpens the advice you give your attorney clients who have retained you to challenge opposing financial experts
  • Identifies new and emerging methodologies used in financial testimony
  • Helps you guard against potential challenges to your own methodologies and opinions
  • Gives you convenient access to court documents and briefs that contain the arguments attorneys have used for and against the exclusion of expert testimony
What Do You Get from Daubert Tracker?

Unlimited use access to the Daubert Tracker database which includes:  

  • Aggregation of all reported and numerous unreported "gate keeping" decisions from multiple jurisdictions into a unified and integrated database
  • Identification, location and verification of critical information missing from decisions with a focus on the name, discipline and area of expertise of challenged experts and the results of the challenge
  • Direct links to core documents including decisions, motions, briefs and docket sheets
  • Fast and precise searching on specific case elements such as name of expert, discipline/ field of expertise, court and judge
  • Case summaries that identify the key reasons for exclusion or admission of challenged expert's testimony
  • Complimentary subscription to Daubert Tracker’s quarterly magazine
  • Weekly case update delivered to you by email
  • Invitations to Daubert Tracker's Web lecture series featuring nationally recognized authorities on Daubert and scientific evidence issues


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