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SOC for Service Organizations Toolkit for Service Organizations 

SOC logo for Service OrgsSOC for Service Organizations reports are designed to help service organizations, entities that process information or handle business transactions on behalf of its customers, build trust and confidence in their service delivery and controls over information and data through a report prepared by a CPA.  

The SOC for Service Organizations Toolkit for Service Organizations contains a number of helpful resources to help you understand SOC for Service Organizations reports and promote your organization's use of them for assurance purposes, including:

  • Why a CPA? flyer: CPAs are the premier providers for SOC for Service Organizations engagements. This flyer helps explain why a CPA is best suited to provide assurance on your service organization's controls.
  • SOC for Service Organizations reports flyer: Which SOC for Service Organizations report is right for your organization? This flyer explains the three types of SOC for Service Organizations reports and gives insights into the users who rely on each type of report.
  • SOC for Service Organizations logo for use by service organizations: You can promote your service organization's assurance through SOC for Service Organizations reports by using these print- and web-ready logos. 
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