Assurance and Advisory Services

Risk Assurance and Advisory Services 



In keeping with its mission to assure the quality, relevance and usefulness of information or its context for decision makers and other users by 
  1. Identifying and prioritizing emerging trends and market needs for assurance, and
  2. Developing related assurance methodology guidance and tools as needed the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC) will establish an ASEC Risk Assurance & Advisory Services Task Force.  The task force will consider the myriad of risk frameworks and processes which exist domestically and internationally and will recommend guidance that can be used to evaluate and provide assurance on enterprise risk management processes, or elements thereof. 

Works of the Task Force

Enterprise Risk Management: Guidance for Practical Implementation and Assessment includes guidance for anyone responsible for or advising on an enterprise risk management process (ERM), whether the process is in its early stages or is already well established.  This resource was developed by the Risk Assurance and Advisory Services Task Force (under the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee).

The Enterprise Risk Management: Guidance for Practical Implementation and Assessment is available in paperback, e-book, and online subscription here.

These days, executives recognize enterprise risk management (ERM) as a much-needed core competency that helps organizations deliver and increase stakeholder value over time. Because ERM is viewed as an essential tool for helping management continually create, sustain, and deliver value, an ERM program is then only as effective as the people, processes, and technologies the program uses. The new white paper, "The Use of Information Technology in Risk Management", discusses some of these tools and technologies available today. Access a copy of the white paper here.


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