Report of the Special Committee on Assurance Services (The Elliott Report) 


The .zip archive linked to below contains the contents of the Assurance Services CD-ROM and requires WinZip to extract the files for set-up. Once extracted to your computer, click the setup.exe file and follow the instructions to begin the installation. The setup program installs the Assurance Services Startup Menu program and Assurance Services Documents to your computer's hard disk.  The program provides a starting point for accessing the documents, as well as accessing the AICPAOnline and Assurance Services websites. The Assurance Services Documents require either an Internet browser, or a word processor that can read Rich Text Format (RTF) files. Microsoft Word and WordPerfect can read RTF files.

If you do not have a browser installed, the CD-ROM includes the Netcom NetCOMPLETE installation files. The NetCOMPLETE setup installs Microsoft Internet Explorer and can provide Internet access through Netcom.  To install the NetCOMPLETE files, select the Setup Browser command in the Assurance Services Startup Menu program.  

Note: You do not need Internet access to view the Assurance Services Documents. Your Internet browser or word processor can access the documents directly from your hard disk.

Installation of Assurance Services Documents

The Assurance Services Documents can be installed to your computer's hard disk. The Assurance Services CD-ROM installation provides you with a startup menu program to facilitate access to the document files.  The startup program can be bypassed to access the files directly from your Internet browser or word processor. The Assurance Services Startup Menu will attempt to automatically configure itself for your Internet browser and word processor.  If the program cannot find your Internet browser or word processor, you can manually configure them with the Configure command in the program.

Download Assurance Services CD-ROM .zip archive


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