Matthew Illuzzi: The Rewarding Work of Helping Clients 


    When I was in high school, I had no idea what career path I wanted to pursue. I enrolled at Rutgers University in 1994 and took a variety of courses, selecting seven different majors in my first five semesters. I visited my advisor to help me weigh my options for choosing a major and he told me that if I wanted to graduate on time, I would have to major in either English or accounting. I knew that a focus on English wouldn’t provide me with the career options that accounting would, so I chose accounting.


    I interned with Arthur Andersen LLP during the summer between my junior and senior years, and was offered a full time position with them upon graduation. When Andersen closed its doors, most staff members went to Ernst & Young, but I took a job with Omnicom Group, an advertising holding company in New York City. I worked for Omnicom for 18 months and then became CFO of one of its subsidiaries, Wolf Olins, where I remained for four and a half years.


    During my time at Wolf Olins, my wife and I decided it was time to move out of our apartment, and began weighing our options for buying a home near Manhattan. I quickly found out that an affordable lifestyle near Manhattan would mean a longer commute to work, which was definitely not what I wanted. We also wanted to start a family, and I didn’t want raise children in an apartment, nor did I want to miss out on family time due to a long daily commute.


    We determined that Manhattan no longer fit the life we wanted for ourselves and that we could replicate and improve our lifestyle in almost any city. We literally pinpointed North Carolina on a map and made it our destination. We came to North Carolina multiple times to look for a home and interview for jobs, and then we moved in 2007.


    At first I did some consulting work and then took a job as a CFO at a distribution company.  After getting comfortable with the routine, I felt the true CFO duties could be completed in just two days a week. I had a notion that I could help many small businesses at the same time and work for the distribution company part-time. Unfortunately, company management wanted a full-time CFO, so after nine months with them, I decided to start my own business.


    In mid-2008, I started New Day Business Advisors LLC to have the flexibility to work with multiple clients, set my own schedule and above all, help others. Essentially, I act as a freelance CFO for small companies: start-up businesses, businesses looking to grow, or those in transition. I am now able to focus specific efforts to each client and lead them on a fruitful path.

    My relationships with my clients are mutually beneficial, which I find particularly rewarding and satisfying. The more successful my clients are, the more successful I am. I love that my work positively impacts my clients and that I am able to see the results of my work as they grow and flourish.


    One indispensable thing that has helped me get to where I am now is my CPA designation, which I received in 2000. It gives me instant credibility. My clients can feel confident with my guidance, my knowledge set, commitment to ethics and the quality of my work because of my CPA. In high school, I would have never thought I’d become an accountant, but I am so glad that’s where my path has led me. Every day is full of surprises. I love what I do.

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