2013 Government Briefs 

GAO Issues Revised "Green Book" Exposure Draft for Comment
(September 2013)
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued the Green Book 2013 Exposure Draft on September 3, 2013. This proposed revision to the Green Book will be the third since GAO first issued the standards in 1983. When finalized, the updated Green Book will supersede those previously issued.
GASB Standard Identifies Applicable FASB and AICPA Accounting Literature
(Revised September 2013)
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board's Statement No. 68 makes it easier for governmental financial statement preparers and auditors to find relevant FASB and AICPA accounting and financial reporting literature by placing all such applicable pre-1989 FASB and AICPA pronouncements, with certain modifications, within the authoritative GASB Literature.
Increasing Government Accountability: The Benefits of Tracking Subcontracts
(Revised September 2013)
Over the past decade, the Internet has created a vehicle for federal, state, and local government operations to become more transparent, particularly in the area of spending taxpayer dollars.
Proactive Detection of Improper Payments
(Revised September 2013)
More and more government auditors are incorporating computer-based, deductive-detection approaches into their audit work to identify improper payments, which, in turn, leads to increased findings and more powerful audits.
COSO Internal Control Integrated Framework & GAO Internal Control Updates (Revised June 2013) Effective internal control helps organizations manage change and cope with evolving demands and competing priorities. Lately, there has been a lot of change—evolving demands, and competing priorities, especially in government due mainly to the economic climate.
CPAs in Government Offer Suggestions for Weathering a Financial Storm: Part 1 (Revised May 2013) CPAs in government can bring value to the table when, by necessity, the status quo must be re-evaluated. CPAs can contribute their expertise to fundamental analyses and reviews of government programs and operations.
The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (Revised May 2013) For more than 20 years, FASAB has been a new Government Accounting Standards-Setter. This brief discusses the importance of FASAB, why and how FASAB came into being, what standards has FASAB issued, and what FASAB is doing today.


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