Thomas McTavish, CPA 

Thomas H. McTavish has served as Auditor General of the State of Michigan since 1989. Prior to his appointment as Auditor General of Michigan, Mr. McTavish was Deputy Auditor General for Audit Quality and Operations in the Pennsylvania Auditor General's office and previous to entering public service was an audit manager at a CPA firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .

Mr. McTavish is President of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers (NASACT), and is a member and past president of the National State Auditors Association (NSAA). He also serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Governmental Financial Management, a NASACT entity created exclusively to enhance state-level governmental accounting, auditing, and treasury management functions throughout the world.

Mr. McTavish is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Government Accountants, the Midwestern Intergovernmental Audit Forum, the Government Finance Officers Association, the Military Officers Association of America, and the American Legion, and has served as a Board Member on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of CPA's.

Mr. McTavish is a retired Navy Captain, USNR, and last served as Commanding Officer of the Naval Audit Service Headquarters 106 Naval reserve unit. Also, for 16 years, he was an Associate Lecturer teaching business courses part-time at two community colleges and the Pennsylvania State University .

Mr. McTavish is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University , and is a life member of the Penn State Alumni Association.
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