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    AICPA is committed to promoting CPAs as the most trusted professional and premier provider of tax services. We offer information and resources related to tax return planning, preparation, examination and representation, with practices tools to assist with navigating IRS, tax practice quality control and management, as well as guidance and best practices related to tax ethics and practice standards. Tax Section members have access to additional member-only resources and practice aids throughout the tax interest area.

    Targeted tax news that provides insights on recent developments from the Tax Section and other tax publications.

    Your main access point for information, guidance, resources, and practice aids specifically designed for the tax practitioner.

    Stay connected with the Tax Section, trending issues, and your peers via social media in our updated Community.

    Spotlight News

    Get Ready for Tax Season - Free Year-End Materials to Talk to Clients
    The time is now to get your clients to make decisions to minimize their tax bite and be aware of what may change. Download client letters and a tax planning PowerPoint today from the Tax Practitioner's Toolkit.
    3 Simple Steps to Help You Find CPA Talent for your Firm
    The market for staff has changed dramatically over the years - if you are looking to staff up, you'll need to get a game plan, advises Cari Weston, AICPA's Taxation Director, in this Insights blog.
    Identity Theft Information and Tools
    Tax practitioners and their clients are concerned about the growing epidemic of tax-related identity theft in America - both refund theft and employment theft. We have a dedicated webpage that provides links to relevant articles, videos, tools, templates, and AICPA advocacy efforts.

    Tax Guidance and Resources 

    The Tax Resource Library offers a comprehensive mix the resources to help CPA tax practitioners elevate their practice, stay current on trending issues, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

    In recent year, dealing with the IRS has becoming increasingly challenging. Our IRS Practice and Tax Administration resource page is your one-stop shop for resources to help you navigate IRS procedure and feel confident that you are effectively serving your client's IRS issues.

    We offer information, guidance, resources and practice aids to help our members navigate the multiple practice standards and ethics rules that govern tax practitioners, including the SSTSs and Circular 230, to help our members maintain the highest professional standards in tax practice.

    Exclusive Tax Section Member-Only Content 

    tax webcast archivesWebcast Archives
    All Tax Section webcasts are archived and available for Tax Section members to watch on-demand (without CPE).

    annual tax compliance kit for accountantsAnnual Compliance KitOur comprehensive annual collection of resources (e.g., checklists, engagement letters, organizers) to assist with return preparation, review, and delivery.

    irs e-services guidance Using IRS E-Services This resource walks members through the features and benefits of IRS e-Services and includes useful links and tools.

    AICPA Tax Division 

    Looking for something on the website? Check out this tutorial Navigating the Tax Interest Area to learn tips and tricks that will help you find resources, tools, and other practice aids.

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    Tax Section Volunteer Opportunities 

    We have approximately 280 volunteers serving across 15 volunteer groups, including committees, tax technical resource panels, task forces, and other working groups. Our volunteers are divided into three categories: advocacy, member service, and ethics.

    These groups are an invaluable resource to the Institute as they provide guidance on complex and sometimes high-profile tax issues and serve as the subject matter experts behind the guidance and resources developed as a benefit of Tax Section membership. Visit our Community page for more information.

    You must be a Tax Section member to apply for to be a volunteer in the Tax Division.

    Contact the Tax Section Team 

    Have questions for the Tax Section Team? Contact us for questions on tools and resources, website navigation, and volunteer opportunities.

    Cari Weston, CPA, CGMA

    Susan C. Allen, CPA/CITP, CGMA
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