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The Financial Reporting Center helps CPAs meet the challenges of providing high quality financial reporting. Whether you are a financial statement preparer or a member in public practice, this center provides resources for the entire financial reporting process providing you the information you need to know when you need it.

The AICPA has developed the AICPA Competency Framework: Assurance Services designed to help CPAs understand the knowledge and skills necessary to perform high-quality audit, attestation, review, compilation and preparation engagements. The framework is underpinned by the need for objectivity, integrity and ethical behavior and includes a commitment to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge.

The AICPA and CIMA also previously developed the CGMA Competency Framework designed to help management accountants and their employers understand the knowledge requirements and assess the skills needed for both current and desired roles.

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ASB Issues Statement on Auditing Standards No. 132

The AICPA Auditing Standards Board has issued Statement on Auditing Standards No. 132 , The Auditor's Consideration of an Entity's Ability to Continue as a Going Concern (AICPA, Professional Standards, AU-C sec. 570), to supersede SAS No. 126 of the same title. In developing the new SAS, the primary objective was to consider the accounting provisions of FASB Accounting Standards Update No. 2014-15, Presentation of Financial Statements—Going Concern (Subtopic 205-40): Disclosure of Uncertainties about an Entity’s Ability to Continue as a Going Concern, and GASB Statement No. 56, Codification of Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidance Contained in the AICPA Statements on Auditing Standards. The SAS becomes effective for (i) audits of financial statements for periods ending on or after December 15, 2017, and (ii) reviews of interim financial information for interim periods beginning after fiscal years ending on or after December 15, 2017.

Learn more in an AICPA Explanatory Memorandum and in an upcoming webcast.

Accounting & Financial Reporting 

CPAs are facing unprecedented changes in financial reporting. Transactions are more complex; economic and regulatory forces demand higher-quality reporting; and FASB convergence efforts propose major changes to U.S. GAAP. Stay up to date through these resources.

Review, Compilation and Preparation 

Review, compilation and preparation services represent a large portion of many small and medium size firms’ services. Ensure you have the resources needed to execute these engagements.



This two-minute video highlights the features and benefits of the AICPA's Financial Reporting Framework for Small- and Medium-Sized Entities.

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Audit & Attest 

Keeping up with accounting and attest standards consistently ranks as a top member need. Let us help with these resources.

Key differences exist between the resources available on the Financial Reporting Center for audits, compilations and reviews. The AICPA has developed a comparative overview of the distinctions for when your clients have questions about the levels of services.

Assurance & Advisory 

The Assurance Services Executive Committee addresses the needs of CPAs who prepare or attest to information not covered by other authoritative standards.


Industry Insights

Knowing you need information specific to your industry or your clients' industries, Industry Insights provides financial reporting information for topics important to your industry.
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