SOC for Service Organizations Logos  

SOC 1(R), SOC 2(R), and SOC 3(R) and the associated logos are trademarks, service marks and certification marks of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which reserves all rights. AICPA has established specific guidelines for the use and display of these marks. AICPA monitors the quality of the attestation services provided under its marks, but does not independently audit or verify compliance with the Guidelines by all those who download the marks nor does display of the mark indicate that the engagement did not identify any deficiencies or exceptions. In instances where AICPA becomes aware that a company may be displaying a mark without full compliance with the Guidelines, AICPA will undertake reasonable efforts to have that party demonstrate compliance with the Guidelines or remove the marks from its website. However, AICPA does not and cannot provide any express or implied representations, warranties or assurances concerning a party or company displaying any of the marks. Those doing business with an organization displaying the marks should conduct independent due diligence regarding the reputability, integrity and reliability of that organization.

Following are the two SOC for Service Organizations logos:

SOC for Service Organizations Logo for use by CPAs

SOC for Service Organizations Logo for use by Service Organizations

Refer to the Terms, Conditions and Guidelines for CPA’s use. Click logo to register for logo use. Refer to the Terms, Conditions and Guidelines for Service Organization’s use. Click logo to register for logo use. 


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