Mark Chain/FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award 

The Mark Chain/FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award is designed to recognize exceptional graduate accounting course practices. Award recipients are selected from the pool of accepted submissions to the AAA's Effective Learning Strategies Forum.

Lesson plans include learning objectives, detailed case/activity description, and addressed AICPA Core Competencies.

Winning lessons/materials for all AICPA educator awards for this and previous years are available for download to AICPA members through the Accounting Educators' Curriculum Resource.

The finalist(s) for this award will be asked to present their work at the American Accounting Association Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA), receive a plaque and an AICPA funded award totaling $2,500. Past Award Winners and Honorable Mentions are listed below.

Apply first for the American Accounting Association's ELS Poster Session and when confirmation is received, you may apply for the ELS Educator Awards program.

Other Educator Awards

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2016 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

“Interviewing for Requirements in the Advanced AIS Classroom”
Charles J. Leflar, Katie L. Terrell, and JaLynn Thomas, University of Arkansas

Honorable Mentions
“Case Method Teaching in a Graduate Class: Setting the Stage for Success”
Cassy Budd, Brigham Young University

2015 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

"Detective, Critic, Curator, Investigator - A Novel Approach to Encouraging Student Research and Creativity”
Patricia Johnson, Canisius College

Honorable Mentions
“Crowdsourcing Analysis of Government Expenditures: "Armchair Auditors" - Case and Results of its Use in a Graduate Accounting Systems Class”
Daniel O'Leary, University of Southern California

“Bringing an Accounting Case to Life with Trained Actors: Teaching Interviewing and Teamwork Skills”
Genevieve Risner, Michigan State University

2014 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

"Digging Deep: Using Forensic Analytics as a Context to Teach Excel and Access”
Tina M. Loraas and DeWayne Searcy, Auburn University

Honorable Mentions
“The Original Forensics: Using Debate to Teach Critical Thinking Skills”
Timothy D. West, Lisa L. Roth, and Yanelly Villegas, Northern Illinois University

“A Business Communication Model for an MBA Managerial Accounting Course”
David Stout, Youngstown State University  

2013 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

“Expanding Soft Skills: Incorporating Feedback in an MAS Capstone Course”
Jennifer Butler Ellis, Mark E. Riley and Rebecca Toppe Shortridge — Northern Illinois University

Honorable Mentions
“Should Congress Take a Bigger Tax Bite Out of Technology Companies?”
Mark Holtzblatt and John Geekie. — Cleveland State University
Norbert Tschakert — Salem State University

"Lean Accounting in Support of Lean Manufacturing: Ronny the Robot Simulation"
Rosemary Fullerton — Utah State University

2012 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

“Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes”
Kelly R. Pope — DePaul University

Honorable Mentions
“The Application of Lean Accounting to a Manufacturing Simulation: A Teaching Note”
Gerald K. De Busk and Clay L. Moerland, Jr. — University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Lawrence P. Grasso — Central Connecticut State University

Mark Holtzblatt — Cleveland State University
Norbert Tschakert — Salem State University

2011 Mark Chain/FSA Teaching Innovation Award

“Modelling Uncertainty in C-V-P Assignments: Going Beyond the Basics!”
Terry Campbell — Kelley School of Business at Indiana University – Bloomington
Paul M. Goldwater — University of Central Florida
David E. Stout — Youngstown State University

Honorable Mentions
“Jensen Pharma: A Governance Role Play”
J. Jay Keels — Coastal Carolina University
Norman T. Sheehan — University of Saskatchewan

“Simulating an Audit in a Graduate Auditing Class”
Rebecca Rosner — Long Island University – CW Post Campus

2010 Mark Chain/FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award

“How to Develop a Forensic Accounting Class that Investigates Local Cases of White Collar Crime: Lessons Learned from the Justice for Fraud Victims Project” 
Sara Melendy and Gary Weber — Gonzaga University

Honorable Mentions
“Back to the Future:  Using Accounting History to Explore Professional Opportunities” 
Charles Leflar — University of Arkansas
Tracy Manly — University of Tulsa
Connie McKnight — University of Central Arkansas

“Radar Graphs:  An Alternative and Complementary Approach to Ratio Analysis” 
David G. De Boskey and Martha Doran — San Diego State University

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