Audit Committee Briefs- 2011 

The SEC's New Whistleblower Rules: Now What? (August) The new whistleblower rules are presented in this brief along with key action steps that management and board of directors should consider in response.
Be Prepared: Serving on a Board of Directors Today Means Living in a Fishbowl (June) Directors today must be prepared for the glare of media attention that can throw them into the “fishbowl” and must take steps now to minimize the damage to their reputations and those of their companies.
Benefits of Audit Committees and Audit Committee Charters for Government Entities (June)  The audit committee of a government unit plays a very important role. An audit committee established by a governmental unit offers the same strategic benefits that an audit committee offers to a publically traded company. Like a publically traded company that is accountable to its stockholders, a government unit is accountable to the taxpayers and the individuals and companies that use its services.
SEC Report Recommends No New SOX 404(b) Exemptions (May) An SEC study of Section 404(b) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Study) recommends no new exemptions to the requirements.


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