Tax Practitioner's Toolkit for Large Firms 

Communicate Your Value

The materials you’ll find in this toolkit are designed to complement your firm's efforts to effectively communicate the unique value of your tax services and differentiate your qualifications as a CPA to current and prospective clients. Additionally, we’ve included resources to share with your staff so that they can be a knowledgeable partner in your efforts to position your firm as a premier provider of tax services. Share with your marketing department today!

Toolkit Resources

Preparing Your Firm to Understand and Articulate the Value of Your Tax Services

What makes your firm different from other tax preparers? Is there a unique way you service clients? Do you have any areas of specialization that set you apart? Start with an understanding of the value of the tax services you bring to clients and then develop a plan to infuse that value message in every conversation, every e-mail and every letter with each client. Share these materials with your team – in staff meetings or as part of your onboarding process.

  • Value-Centric Culture Checklist
    Use these steps to complement your efforts in developing a value-centric firm culture – from understanding the competitive landscape to enhancing your client acquisition efforts.
  • How-To Guide: Making Your Voice Heard with Current and Prospective Clients 
    Find helpful tips to successfully incorporate the following materials into your own client retention and acquisition efforts.
  • Overcoming Objections to Hiring a CPA 
    You don’t want to lose a viable prospect because you didn’t have the right answer to a concern. Look over these talking points and put the responses into your own words. Add to the list as you encounter new questions.
  • CPA: The Value of Articulating Your Value Webinar 
    Find out what other tax practitioners have to say about the methods they employ or are currently considering to promote their firm and educate clients, prospective clients and referral sources about their value as a premier provider of tax services.

Engaging with Clients to Stay Top of Mind

These materials are available for you to customize with your logo, firm name and contact information. If you already have marketing collateral available but would like to incorporate some of the key messages included below, please see the messaging platform document.


Promoting Your Firm to Attract New Clients

We know that attracting new clients takes time. Here are some tools to complement your current client acquisition strategies, which can be tailored for your specific audiences and areas of expertise. Personalize them with your firm logo, name and contact information.

  • Event-in-a-Box Presentation Checklist: Take the guesswork out for you and your staff with this comprehensive logistics checklist.  
  • Presentation on 2016 Tax Year Topics
    Use this PowerPoint (with speaker notes) to review issues that affect individual clients, as well as partnerships and pass-throughs.
  • Print advertisements
    You’ll find a selection of ads focused on the individual tax client and small business owner. You’ll find a selection of ads focused on the individual tax client and small business owner.
  • Preparing for Life's Important Moments Presentation
    Customize this presentation for your firm and local marketplace. Share it with prospective clients as a lunch-n-learn to help them understand the value your CPA firm provides.
  • Tweets (Holiday-Themed and General)
    You’ll find a wide assortment of tweets for use throughout the whole year. Twitter is an easy way to reach all of your important audiences with impactful tax messages that position you as the expert.
  • Media Advisory Template  Promote your firm's expertise on tax changes and raise its visibility by sending a version of this release to media.

  • Media Interview FAQs
    Share with tax or marketing staff as part of the firm's media training. 
  • Google AdWords 
    This is pay-per-click advertising on Google’s flagship search engine and a great place to be as consumers are searching for the tax services you provide. We’ve provided a selection of sample ads for your use. 






The Tax Practitioner's Toolkit is the collaborative effort of AICPA Communications, PCPS, and the Tax Division who are working together on behalf of our members to develop tools, resources and promotional materials that position CPAs as the premier providers of tax services.


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