Marketing 101 - Effective Advertising 


While many may assume that you need a hefty budget to launch an advertising campaign, this form of marketing need not be expensive. Local business journals and weekly newspapers are good starting points. Also consider industry trade publications. Local radio can also be cost-effective. Another option is to promote your services on the Internet. Many sites feature geographical listings of accounting firms and some also include specialties.

What is important is to make sure your advertising reaches your target audience. And again, consistency and repetition are important. Studies show that for a message to be communicated via an ad, whether in print, on radio or television, it generally takes seven times for it to register with the general consumer audience.

When using print advertising, here are some tips to make sure your ad grabs the readers attention:

  • Limit the amount of text. Especially in today's fast paced society, people tend to skim through things quickly, so keep your message simple and direct. If your ad is filled with too much text, readers will just move on to something less overwhelming.
  • Make Your Ad Stand Out. Use bold lines, color or a layout or font in a distinctive way to draw attention. Look at other ads to see what catches your eye and consider how you might use those features in your ad.
  • Choose Your Images Carefully. Nothing looks worse than a graphic, illustration or photograph that does not reproduce well. Before including an image in your ad, look at the publication you are considering to see how different images reproduce, and then choose one you know will reproduce well.



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