Jobs at the AICPA

Human Resources & Office of Strategy Management  

This multidisciplinary team develops and invests in people and organizational capability and performance, ensuring the linkage between People, Strategy & Performance.  Responsible for Strategic Planning, Human Capital Management and numerous enterprise performance management systems, this team is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the AICPA is performing optimally.

Focus Areas
Our primary focus is to serve our employees, managers, members and community constituents professionally and effectively. This is accomplished through a range of organizational services and functional expertise in strategic planning, succession planning, organizational performance management systems & development, talent management, compensation, health and wellness benefits, employee relations, learning & development, enterprise risk management, strategic intelligence and market research, as well as employee and community engagement. Developing and investing in our people, organizational capabilities and performance is at the core of our success.

Key Activities
The HR-OSM team is led by the VP of HR-Strategy, reporting directly to the CEO-President of AICPA. The Team is responsible for developing and investing in people, organizational capabilities and performance through a variety of human resources and strategy management activities. 

Human Resources - People

  • We invest in attracting, developing and retaining our staff and leaders to ensure the best qualified people are in the right jobs to deliver superior results to the AICPA and its constituencies.
  • We offer market-competitive salaries and health and wellness benefits (e.g., medical, dental, vision, 401(k), pension, life and disability insurance) in addition to other offerings such as paid-time off, flexible work schedules, educational assistance and the opportunity for community service to ensure we attract and retain the  best qualified staff.
  • We begin our staffs’ journey with a high-impact on-boarding program which integrates them into our organizational culture, vision and values and strategic objectives to make certain that staff know how their job aligns to their team and the organizational goals.
  • We are advisors with expertise in employment and workplace issues to ensure effective management of organizational risk and exposure.
  • We invest in ongoing personal, professional and career development, including organization-specific competencies, leadership development, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and a variety of training offerings (e.g., compliance, management, privacy, technology and customer service) to develop and engage the workforce. 
  • We sponsor community led activities through our corporate citizenship and cultural events as a way of developing and promoting organizational visibility in the communities in addition to supporting initiatives in the local community. 

Organizational Capabilities and Performance
  • We partner with senior management to develop, align, monitor and maintain the strategic plan, the portfolio of initiatives and the organizational goals that results in ongoing data reporting, situational analysis and market research.
  • We provide project and program management of organizational initiatives and priorities to ensure fact-based decision making.
  • We make sure that our staff skills and efforts are directed to achieving organizational goals and strategies needed, for current and future positions, through our efforts and involvement in performance management, succession planning and career development.
  • We maintain and improve internal processes and systems by providing tools to drive excellence and consistency in procedures, process improvement and to assess organizational effectiveness.
  • We invest in risk management activities to ensure organizational compliance with statutory requirements, internal controls and policies.

The types of careers available in HR-OSM team include analysts, researchers, strategists, managers, trainers, specialists, generalists and human resources professionals dedicated to organizational excellence in the fields of human resources and strategy management.
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