Meet Team AICPA

    Meet Team AICPA: Scott 


    Name: Scott
    Title: Chief Financial Officer
    Office: Durham, NC
    Team: Finance

    How did you learn about the AICPA?
    It is my professional association, so I was very familiar with the AICPA when starting my career.

    How long have you been employed with the AICPA?
    I just celebrated my 11th year with the organization.

    Why did you decide to come to the AICPA?
    I was looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to give back to my profession. CPAs have very diverse backgrounds and working here gives you a chance to better understand the many services CPAs provide and the many things the AICPA offers CPAs to be successful throughout their respective careers.

    Why do you like working at the AICPA?
    This is not a boring desk job! Every day, there are new projects and assignments that I get involved with that not only capitalize on my traditional accounting skills, but also broaden my skills in areas such as strategic and operational planning, risk assessment and information technology.

    What cool projects have you worked on at the AICPA?
    Three projects immediately come to mind. The first one occurred in 2003, where we upgraded our business software platform to streamline our processes and better serve our members. This was extremely complex as it required the conversion of many systems into our current system of record, and it also gave me a broader appreciation and understanding of complex information technology projects. We are in the process of upgrading our systems again, and I am amazed by the technology improvements and functionality.

    The second project occurred in 2005, which initiated our organization’s operational relocation to Durham. I was a member of the team that made the recommendation to relocate, which helped to provide me with an in-depth and hands-on approach to project planning. This project not only brought with it significant financial risk, it also carried significant member-facing risks. In the end, the project was executed more smoothly than anyone could have imagined and knowing the transition went well has brought me significant job satisfaction.


    More recently, I was actively involved in the formation of our joint venture with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants based in London, which was an exciting way to integrate work cultures.

    What is your favorite perk/benefit about working at the AICPA?

    We have a great nucleus of talent that works extremely hard, but also knows how to have fun during the work day.

    What’s unique about working at the AICPA as compared to other employers?
    Although we are organized as a non-profit, we operate with a for-profit mentality to ensure we serve our members in the most effective and efficient manner. This brings a unique blend that is not commonplace in the market.

    Name an AICPA membership program or activity you work on and its significance to the profession.
    I get involved with numerous activities and programs as CFO. I support several committees comprising volunteer leadership – our Finance and Investments Committees as well as the committees that support the various insurance programs offered to our member.

    Further, I am the treasurer of the Museum of Durham History, which helps me represent our profession in a manner that serves our local community well.

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