AICPA Foundation Guide to Giving - Beyond Membership. Be Accountable.  

    As a CPA, you are a member of a growing, vibrant professional community that has bestowed great opportunities upon you. As you plan your future, you may be considering ways in which you can help ensure a bright future for the profession, and for the next generation of CPAs.

    The AICPA Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity established in 1922 with the goal of advancing the CPA profession – particularly in the areas of accounting education and outreach, scholarships and fellowships and diversity and inclusion.

    By making a gift to the AICPA Foundation you make a difference in the lives of many, for generations to come.

    Give LogoThe Power of the Profession Can Make a Difference

    Never has there been a greater need for what the profession represents: knowledge, integrity, high ethical standards in all endeavors, and dedication to the public good. The AICPA Foundation deeply appreciates your generosity and vision of those who contribute to its current and future successes.

    When you support the AICPA Foundation, you join a vibrant community of professionals whose gifts help ensure a bright future for the profession and the next generation of CPAs. With your contribution, the AICPA Foundation will elevate and maintain programs at the highest level possible. There’s more to be done – and your support truly does make a difference.

    Your support gives:

    • Future generations opportunities to attend valuable programs that will enhance their educational learning
    • Someone a chance to become a CPA through scholarship awards
    • The CPA profession's sustainability for future generations

    Make a Difference

    In order for the AICPA Foundation to achieve its strategic programs and initiatives, donor contributions are needed. To make a donation to the AICPA Foundation:

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