Assistance Provided by the AICPA Benevolent Fund 

    Types of Assistance

    • Temporary monthly living expenses
    • Temporary monthly medical, mental and prescription expense payments that exceed insurance coverage
    • Medicare or other health insurance premiums
    • Most medically necessary services for dependent children (under age 21)
    • One-time Emergency Grants
    • Other, as deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees.

    Evaluation Process

    • Financial assistance grants are provided on a case-by-case basis depending on financial need and circumstances surrounding that need.
    • Grant recipients shall exhaust all sources of income available before receiving aid from the Benevolent Fund.
    • Grant recipients shall first seek all publicly available sources of support.
    • Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Fund Administrator at 866-527-2228 or accessing the application

    The maximum monthly assistance amount and duration of receipt shall be determined by the Fund's Trustees on a semi-annual basis.

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