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    The Congressional and Political Affairs team monitors and advocates on legislative matters that affect the accounting profession. The AICPA develops Congressional testimony, has contact with federally-elected officials and their staffs, and works with regulatory agencies to help promote sound policymaking. A complete list of regulatory and legislative issues can be accessed below.


    Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) used in financial and other reporting allows for easier access and more transparent information. AICPA supports legislative proposals to utilize XBRL by Federal agencies and recipients of Federal funds.
    Municipal Advisors
    Dodd-Frank requires the SEC to regulate advisors to state and local governments for municipal securities offerings. AICPA supports a bill that clarifies that CPAs who perform “customary and usual” accounting services are not municipal advisors.
    Due Dates
    AICPA is advocating for a change in the due dates of Schedules K-1 to ensure that owners and beneficiaries have access to information to file complete and timely tax returns.


    Library of Congress
    A reference for legislative information, Congressional activity, Congressional committees, Members of Congress, Federal Agencies and other information on the legislative process.

    U.S. Senate
    Includes links to Senate action, committees, hearings, markups of bills, all official Senators’ websites, etc.

    U.S. House of Representatives
    Includes links to House action, committees, hearings, markups of bills, all official House Members’ websites, etc.

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    How You Can Get Involved 

    Make Your Voice Heard – Go to the AICPA Legislative Action Center

    As a CPA, the Congressional and Political Affairs Team encourages all members of the AICPA to be involved in the political process and make your voice heard. 

    Become an AICPA Federal Key Person Program

    As part of the Institute’s advocacy efforts, the AICPA Federal Key Person Program seeks interested AICPA members to develop relationships with their Senators and Congressperson.  Key Persons are periodically asked to call or write Congressional Members regarding specific legislative issues.

    Support the AICPA Political Action Committee (AICPA PAC)

    The AICPA PAC is a vehicle by which AICPA members can help to have the voice of the profession heard on Capitol Hill. Member contributions to the PAC are welcome at any time and can be made online.

    Contact Us 

    How to Reach the Congressional and Political Affairs Team

    • email:  CongAffairs@aicpa.org
    • call:  202-737-6600
    • write:  1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC  20004

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