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Volunteer Groups Overview 

Many members have contributed to their profession and networked with their peers on one or more of the AICPA's 180 volunteer groups (committees, boards, panels, centers and task forces)

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AICPA Volunteer Groups

Overview All members of the Council, Boards, Committees, Subcommittees, Panels, Centers and Task Forces (hereinafter "volunteer groups") Advisory Committees – A committee designated as an Advisory Committee is not responsible for policy-setting as are regular com
Published on May 31, 2016

History of AICPA Volunteering

Article History of AICPA.  The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and its predecessors have a history dating back to 1887, when the American Association of Public Accountants (AAPA) was formed.  In 1916, the American Association was succeeded
Published on April 30, 2010

Time Line for AICPA Volunteer Activities

Overview October  Volunteer Year Begins - The new Volunteer year coincides with the last day of the Fall Council Meeting.  At this time, a copy of each volunteer group’s roster is moved to history (electronic records dating back to 1978 are maintained).
Published on March 08, 2010

Volunteer Application / Appointment Process

Overview Overview of the AICPA volunteer application / recommendation / appointment process throughout the year.
Published on March 08, 2010

Definition of Roles

Overview There are currently 27 volunteer roles available within the Volunteer System as shown below.  In some cases a particular role, such as Treasurer, should be self explanatory and therefore no definition is provided.  Where appropriate, detai
Published on March 08, 2010

Public Statement Authorization

Overview Most of the AICPA’s Volunteer Groups are composed of Institute members appointed by the chair of the board for a term of one year (reappointments may bring service total to three years). Of these Volunteer Groups, 14 have been designated as
Published on March 08, 2010

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