Technological Forces

The World in 2025: Technological Trends 

Imagine a mobile world where going to work includes flexible locations and schedules that suit individual professional needs and personal lifestyles. The next decade will see a reinvention of the workplace. Emerging internet cloud and mobile technologies are increasingly shifting work lives away from the corporate office altogether and toward an in-my-own-place and on-my-own-time work regimen:

  • Smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices will become the go-to-computing devices for most of the world.
  • Third places for work will join the traditional office and home. The use of third places – public libraries, co-working facilities and rent by the hour office suites will grow, augmenting the already standard list of airports, cars and cafes.
  • Information and communication technologies will better enable globally distributed work.

Society will create data at unimaginable rates. The market research firm IDC projects that in 2020, the world will generate 35 zettabytes of data in just 1 year, 35 times what was created in 2010 (a zettabyte is 1 followed by 21 zeroes). The cloud will allow much faster machine learning as platforms tap as much broader population for data and map out how things are done. Data will becomes an increasingly important value component in many products and services.
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