The CPA Horizons 2025 initiative calls on CPAs from all areas of the profession to embrace the challenge of defining the future, for themselves and for those they serve. Share your insights on how the forces changing the world will change the CPA profession of the future.

What Is CPA Horizons? 

What Does the Future Hold for the CPA Profession?

CPA Horizons results will guide the profession through 2025

Earlier this year, the AICPA initiated CPA Horizons 2025, a grassroots effort focused on harnessing the insights of CPAs, business leaders, regulators, thought leaders and futurists into the continuing evolution of the CPA profession. The project examined the trends affecting CPAs in their daily work, enlisted opinions on how these trends will impact CPAs in the years ahead, and helped to identify actions the profession could take to meet challenges and leverage opportunities now and in the coming years.

More than 5,600 CPAs voiced their opinions on the future through an interactive survey, in-person forums, focus groups and online discussion groups. Insights and directions related to opportunities and challenges for the profession over the next 15 years emerged from this process. Download the report to use these findings as a road map for your professional future. Thank you for your participation in CPA Horizons 2025.

Stimulate Your Strategic Thinking

An Aging World
The world’s population is aging at an unprecedented rate. This report, funded jointly by the Commerce Department and the Department of Health and Human Services, discusses the causes and implications of an aging global population.
A Transformed World
The current international system will be almost unrecognizable by 2025. Stimulate your strategic thinking by learning about key trends, the factors that drive them and how they are likely to shape the world of 2025.
An Academic Revolution
Learn more about the academic revolution that has been taking place in higher education in the past half century. Examine the main engines of change and their impact on higher education.

Paul Stahlin on CPA Horizons 2025 

AICPA Chair Paul Stahlin and President and CEO Barry Melancon discuss CPA Horizons. 

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CPA Horizons Report Available 


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