Business Management

    Conducting Performance Feedback
    by Jennifer Wilson
    Three tips on how to break the ice gently

    Recruiting a Diverse Staff
    by Diana Robinson, CPA, PhD, Lisa Owens-Jackson, PhD and Gwendolyn Highsmith-Quick, CPA, PhD
    Three best practice tips revealed.

    Effective Enterprise Risk Management ≠ Bureaucracy
    by Bonnie Hancock
    How to implement a simple, effective ERM process.

    Simplify Your Global or Domestic Tax Provisioning
    Sponsored by CCH
    Streamline tax accounting, reporting and compliance with Global Integrator.


    Effective IT Security
    by Brian Thomas, CISA, CISSP
    How to identify emerging vulnerabilities.

    XBRL Made Easy
    by Ami Beers, CPA
    Decode XBRL and avoid common errors. Learn from other firms' filing mistakes.

    The Devil Is in the XBRL Details — Year 2 Compliance
    Sponsored by WebFilings
    With the move from XBRL "block" to "detailed" tagging, the increase in size and complexity of Year 2 XBRL filings is exponential. Learn why Year 2 XBRL compliance is so much harder than Year 1.

    Join XBRL US for Education and Tools to Help Your Clients
    Sponsored by XBRL US
    Special 10 percent off AICPA promotion available.

    Financial Reporting

    Accounting for Leases
    by Remi Forgeas, CPA
    In August 2010, the IASB and the FASB jointly issued a draft standard on the accounting treatment of leases that intended to replace the current literature on leases under U.S. GAAP and IFRS.




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