Risk Assessment and Internal Control Publications 

    When planning your audits, it is critical to understand the complexities and requirements of the risk assessment process, including gathering the information needed to assess risk, evaluating that information, designing further audit procedures, and evaluating the results. AICPA publications provide practical information, guidance, practice aids, and illustrative examples for the application of the risk assessment standards including
    • a plain-English overview of the risk assessment process.
    • diagrams and examples to illustrate key points.
    • a discussion of internal control and how it impacts your risk assessment.
    • step-by-step guidance through the risk assessment procedure.
    • a case study illustrating audit documentation developed in a risk assessment.
    • helpful observations and practice tips throughout.

    Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk: International Auditing Standands


    Audit Risk Assessment Tool and Guide


    The Audit Risk Assessment Tool walks an experienced auditor through the risk assessment procedures and documents those decisions necessary to prepare an effective and efficient audit program. Designed to be used in lieu of cumbersome checklists, it provides a top down, risk-based approach to the identification of high risk areas to allow for appropriate tailoring of audit programs that will result in audit efficiencies. The tool is available as an online subscription and includes access to the full Audit Guide Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk in a Financial Statement Audit.

    Internal Control for Today's Smart Business


    AICPA Online Professional Library

    When you subscribe to any one of the many subscription options on AICPA Online Professional Library, you're not only getting access to the most up-to-date guidance and tools, you are also linked to all of the relevant and related literature, including the FASB and GASB libraries.

    Many publications and libraries may be of value to those interested in guidance related to risk assessment and internal control:

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