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Jeff May

CPA2Biz Changes Name to ‘CPA.com’ 

Company’s Mission is ‘Empowering CPAs and Businesses for the Digital Age’ 
Published May 19, 2014

NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 19, 2014) – CPA2Biz, a subsidiary of the American Institute of CPAs, announced it has changed its company name to CPA.com to more closely align with its mission of “empowering CPAs and businesses for the digital age.”

“CPA.com has been serving as a strong umbrella brand for us for the past 18 months,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA.com. “It’s a high-quality asset, so elevating it to our company name was always a consideration and more a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if.’ The new name is strong, simple and clear and reflects a digital service offering that is growing to meet the needs of CPAs. The time is right to make this switch.”

The CPA profession continues to be faced with complex challenges and opportunities, which are increasingly being addressed through innovative technology solutions and evolving practice development strategies. CPA.com is uniquely positioned to help CPA firms succeed in this new era. 

CPA.com will build on the accomplishments of CPA2Biz, which in the past decade has successfully launched a number of products and services such as a leading e-commerce site for financial professionals, a curated platform of cloud solutions for firms, the Digital CPA conference, and a learning management system for firms and corporations

While the new name is effective immediately, the company’s various properties will be rebranded gradually over the course of the year as CPA.com uses the name change to take a fresh look at its brand identity. The existing URL for the AICPA Store site, cpa2biz.com, will remain active for the foreseeable future to eliminate any inconvenience for customers.

“For more than a decade, CPA2Biz has stayed true to its mission and become a valuable resource for AICPA and its members through services to firms,” said Barry C. Melancon, CPA, CGMA, the AICPA’s president and CEO. “What better way to serve the market through those firms than to leverage CPA.com. It is a win for the profession as we constantly strive to enhance the CPA brand and for CPA.com as a company as it focuses on providing unique services to the AICPA membership.”

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