AICPA Announces CFF Mentor Program 

Published March 22, 2014

CPA Practice Advisor covered the recently announced CFF Mentor Program, noting that the program is designed for AICPA members interested in developing their skills and business practices in forensic accounting through the help of more experienced forensic professionals. The article notes that AICPA research has predicted increasing demand for forensic services, largely due to an anticipated uptick in litigation and regulatory enforcement.

“As demand for forensic accounting services have grown, we’ve seen a corresponding increase in interest from our membership. The AICPA developed the CFF Mentor Program to provide guidance for CPAs who are just entering the field of forensic accounting and more experienced CPAs looking to take the next step in their forensic practice.” said Robert Harris, CPA/CFF, CGMA, chair of the AICPA’s CFF Credential Committee, and former chair of the AICPA.


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