Court Ruling on Preparer Registration and PTIN System 

Published January 30, 2013

Update 2/4/2013:
The IRS reopened the PTIN registration system following clarification from the court.

The district court that struck down the Internal Revenue Service's return preparer registration program refused to suspend its injunction on Friday, but it did clarify that the injunction does not affect the IRS's requirement that preparers use a preparer tax identification number. On Saturday, the IRS reopened its PTIN registration system, following an AICPA letter urging the IRS to address the issue. More details can be found in the Journal of Accountancy online.

The court ruling from last week that struck down the preparer regulation system also prompted the Internal Revenue Service to close the PTIN system, making it impossible for CPAs or staff to obtain or renew a PTIN or alter PTIN info. A PTIN is still required to be added to a tax return if signed by a paid tax preparer.

The AICPA realizes that this is a confusing situation and has voiced its concerns to the IRS - we will provide information to members as quickly as it becomes available from the IRS. In a statement Jan. 29, the IRS said it is working diligently to resolve issues surrounding the issuance of PTINs and will post more information at


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